Market 465: Sprint 1600 353403 in San Diego

Giulia Sprint 1600 10112*353403.  This car is available right now from Motoring Investments in San Diego.  They have sold several very nice Alfa’s over the years and by all accounts do very high quality work getting the cars ready for sale.  This particular example is overall very clean and ready for use, with some slight detail changes that could stand to be done to take it to the next level.  Fantasy Junction sold that very nice one I wrote about recently for $56,500, so this one at $47,500 doesn’t seem too far off.


Perfectly clean?  Check!  Neutral background?  Check!  Slightly saturated color?  Check!  Most handsome angle?  Perhaps.  A nicely composed image.


Not overly shiny but clean and with room for improvement.  I suspect proper Pirelli rubber intake crossover hoses are available now-a-days.  There are some mystery wires coming through the washer bottle hose hole.  


Positive ID.  I like to include an image of the vin so there is no mistaking what is being viewed.


I’m not a fan of: dual exhaust tips; European license plate frames on these -too much going on or big round incorrect later Alfa badges on the earlier cars.  All simple to fix -perhaps $200.  The license plate frame probably has to stay since the paint will very likely be a slightly different shade under it and it is ‘correct’, although looks awkward with a too-small american plate on it.  Yes, yes -my opinion.


Vroom.  Good angle.  


These interiors are a bit heavy and dark, but I think that’s the style of the day.  Nice steering wheel.

I say go for it if it runs and drives good.


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