Market 359: Spider 09537 New York

Update 4/20/13: Hard to argue with the same result twice.

Screen Shot 2013-04-20 at 12.00.41 PM

Update 3/31/13: This car has turned up on eBay again.  Although it has been 14 months since it was listed, the same pictures are being used.  I don’t think the market for a Spider like this has moved up much, so I suspect a similar result to the last time.  I like the last line of the ebay description: “Look close, see the reserve? See the buy it now? I didn’t think so, there is NOT a buy it now, and the reserve is private. That’s how I thought it worked. I am an honest guy, selling an honest car, running this AUCTION honestly. I don’t want to play any games. Thank you.”  I’m not sure how effective coming across as prickly is as a first impression, but then the notion of an ‘online persona’ is generally accepted.

Update 1/9/12: $15,101 is the sale price after 5 bids.  That’s pretty solid money.

Giulietta Spider 10104*09537. This Spider is on eBay out of New York with a starting bid of $8,000.  Condition is pretty reasonable as the start of a light ‘run it as is’ type project.  Seller says it doesn’t run currently and has had some floor repairs.  It comes with a hardtop that is one of the made in California FiberFab (??) type.  I like the license plate!

It really doesn’t look bad.  It could be the basis of a decent driver without much fuss.  The engines can always be made to run, but will probably require a minor overhaul.  I like them without the grill ‘eyebrows’..

Paint looks lumpy, bumpy and not all that great.  Red is forgiving though, and you could probably get away with running this paint job for a while.  After all, you’d be the only one who knew how it really was.  Wheels are all Fergat, bucking the mix and match trend of late.  That’s an Abarth badge.  Odd that.

White walls just don’t suit a Giulietta.  I think of them as tires used on low rider boulevard tourer’s, not nippy little sports cars.  This all looks reasonable.

Cream of mushroom soup brown is an interesting choice.  Much better than a bunch of rust to repair!

Steering wheel is in great shape.  I guess a suicide knob is an alright accessory for an Alfa -if it’s legal in your area.  Gauges look really good.

I am having trouble deciding if they are real Giulietta Spider seats.  What do you think? 

True barn fresh (or stale) Alfa Romeo Spider Giulietta. This car has been in our family since the mid 1970’s.  We pushed it outside for the pictures, it is the first time in over 30 years the car has seen sunlight.  Approximately 40 year old amatuer repaint showing age.  This Alfa was a good runner when stored, but as of listing, the engine does not turn. Has had some floor repair, the red respray is on top of the original dark blue. It has both a soft top and aftermarket hard top. Take a good look at the pictures, ask a lot of questions and accept my invitation to come and kick the tires. What you see is what you get. Again, look at the pictures closely, it is not a show car, but hey, weren’t you looking for a winter project? Yes, project, but a very good start compared to others offered recently on ebay.

Why does it have an Abarth emblem on the right side?

No buy it now, don’t ask.

Will not discuss reserve, don’t ask.”

It’s all there and together which puts you ahead of the game.  I don’t see anything glaring to complain about.  Might not take much to make it run.

Underhood insulation has gone missing, but that’s a minor offense.  Here’s the numbers.  This one is pretty early in the run when they stopped putting the whole engine number on the build plate.  I wonder why they stopped?  Too many mis-stamps?  Labor saving?

It’s not a bad car.  I’d like to see the rust repair in the floor and some underside shots.  Starting at $8000 is reasonable, reserve is probably close to $20K, and whether it’s worth this depends on those underside shots.


4 thoughts on “Market 359: Spider 09537 New York

  1. A cursory review of the pics tells us this Survivor has been run hard, dismantled, patched and painted. It likely has a substitute for the original engine. Those are seat covers over tired original foam and frames. The only pic that leads credulence to the seller’s claim that the car was originally blue .. is the trunk-lid pic, an easily changed component.
    In today’s market, the starting price is accurate. Any higher bidding is money spent on hopes and dreams!

    • There’s an interior view, from the viewpoint of the passenger’s door, showing the underdash area. There is what looks to be a period-appropriate light blue on the bracing for the steering column and dashboard.

      • You are correct .. there is some lighter color showing there but I can’t guarantee that it’s an appropriate ALFA blue. Even if it is .. it still conflicts with the Seller’s 2012 statement, “the red respray is on top of the original dark blue.”
        It’s all moot anyway .. supposedly someone bought it.

  2. That rt fender has some of the worst “body work” i’ve ever seen, must have a gallon of bondo in it. the paint is cracked and crazed, body lines all wrong. that fender is a mess!
    Those seats look similar to my 65 Giulia maybe it’s just a poor upholstery job as the shop was used to re-doing tractor seats. must be tractor country, hence the suicide knob.
    Is that faux woodgrain on the dash? yuck!
    It would have been nice to see full side, front and rear, interior pictures (with top down) and not simply snippets.

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