Market 65: same old sad story 61 Spider

Update 3/25/13: Hard to believe it, but this is the same car after several years of restoration work.  Bravo!  It can be done.



Great work has been accomplished on this car.  I think this started out as one of those borderline hopeless projects.

Update12/2/08:  This car ended at $4606, reserve not met.  I predicted $4500 so I’d be the big winner on The Price is Right and win my choice of a brand new Ford Escort wagon, a Mercury Sable or a kick in the head by a steel-toed boot.  Do I get a shot of Whiskey first?  I digress… If I was the seller I’d be willing to let this car go to the high bidder for the end bid if they were willing.  Of course they probably paid $7000 for it, thinking it was super rare and valuable but not taking the nonexistant economy into account.  Look for the follow up.

Giulietta Spider AR1495*11804.  This car is available right now on eBay out of Medfield MA.  Fusi lists this car as a 10103 series 1960 Spider, that year production ending with car 11900.  This car would be the perfect companion piece to the rusty Sprint that was the subject of Market #58 both needing extensive rust repair and well… everything else.

sad giulietta spider noseI have a great idea, I’ll do an experiment to see what 20 years under a blue tarp in a cold wet climate will do to a car, and not just any car, I’ll find a really clean Alfa Spider.  This is truly sad.  Note that all the trim, with the exception of one headlight ring, is present and straight.

 sad 61 giulietta spider tailBack actually looks better than the front.  Drivers side tail light is a little crooked, but this can be fixed by loosening the mounting screws, making it straight and tighening them, except the studs will probably break off because they are rusty.  This is my favorite color for these cars.

The auction text reads: “This is a 1961 Alfa Romeo Giulietta 1300 Spider project that was parked outdoors under a tarp for15-20 years ago. According to the previous owner, it was in descent running condition at that point having just had the motor rebuilt but as you can see from the photos, the combination of moisture and having become the home for numerous Squirrels caused it to deteriorate to this point.

The good points are as follows:

The body panels above the door sills are in fairly descent shape, showing no evidence of any major crash damage.

 Under the hood everything is mostly complete with what appears to be the original motor.

The hood, trunk lid and doors are in good condition with a minimum of rust.

The dash is complete with a real nice steering wheel (only 1 crack in the horn cover) with the gauges, knobs, etc. in good physical shape though I can’t confirm or guarantee the functionality. The dash itself has a lot of surface rust on the top though.

The windshield and frame along with door glass are in good shape with only minor scuffing to the glass of the windshield.

There are a lot of items such as the tail lights, trunk emblem, etc. that are in nice shape.

I have a clear CT title for this car!


The bad news:

Floor pans, trunk deck and rockers are all shot, though there are commercially available panels available!

The bumpers are there but badly rusted as are the wheels.

The engine is currently seized, though I am working to free it up and will update the listing if I do.

The seats, top and carpeting/mats are all shot!


The unknown:

Actual internal condition of the motor, tranny and differential


Functional condition of electrical components.”

sad 61 giulietta spider rusty sideI wonder why the gas tank is falling out… probably not much structural to bolt it to.  Note the absence of inner rockers.  Taillight looks fantastic though.  Drums on this car are going to be challenging to remove.

sad 61 giulietta spider interiorDash and controls look great as does what’s left of the interior.  Mirror silvering is even in good shape.  Looks like there are two door handles on this door, I wonder if the passenger side has two window winders.  Someone deserves some guff for letting this car rot!

sad 61 giulietta spider floorI bet half a pound of rust scale drops off this car everytime someone touches it.  Put your welding hat on and get a Tetanus shot.


sad 61 giulietta spider engineEngine compartment doesn’t look too bad. Too bad stuck engines are hard to get apart.  Lots of work to do in here.  Head is 101 1300 (ask me how I know) so the engine is probably original.

This car is a big project.  Every mechanism will be frozen with rust and half the bolts/studs/nuts are going to break rather than come apart unless Kroil, heat and patience are employed in great measures.  I think $4500 is about the best this car can do.  It’s probably worth a little more as parts, but getting the car and harvesting those parts will not be easy.  Sad.






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