Reproduced: 750E Sprint & Spider Veloce Choke delete trim button for dash

George sent me a note this morning alerting me to the completion of his ‘get a 750E & F repro dash blank trim plug made for 40DCO3 cars’ project, and the result looks great.  Material is as new -chrome over brass.  These are available now out of the USofA for $65.  Supplies are limited, so act fast!  Send me an email at sprints @ giuliettas . com and I’ll put you in contact with the seller.

button bits

The bits.  If you have been looking for one of these, you are probably pretty excited.

dash buton

Ohh -like jewelry.

button in situ

In situ on a Sprint.  Thanks Concept CarZ dot com!


3 thoughts on “Reproduced: 750E Sprint & Spider Veloce Choke delete trim button for dash

  1. Looks very nice. Does anyone know where I can get the three knobs for a 59 Veloce Spider, without having to buy a set of four knobs intended for a Normale? So far I see that the knobs are sold as a set of four, and I would rather not pay for the extra one. Thanks.

  2. Please, is there any documentation about the fasteners on 1959 Giulietta Sprint ? Is it on metric size ? I remember that you once showed that.
    I have a basket case Giulietta to restore and I don’t know how to do the right work. Regards. Tullio

    • If you can get ahold of the parts book all the fasteners are listed by size. I have seen batches of greasy original Giulietta fasteners on eBay occasionally.

      Thanks for the comment!


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