Market 459: Pretty Giulia SS in Florida

Giulia SS. This car is available out of Florida for $145,000 from Kirk F. White. If the engine is original there may be some meat on the bone for someone to buy and send this to auction -Giulia SS’s are bringing strong money at auction after all, and this one has one of the best color combo’s.  Of course it could go to a loving new home, but that never seems to be the case.  Anyone know the vin of this car?

Kirk White Cars


Close to black blue in this one.  This photo set is a study in how much pictures can lie.  Great looking car, as I’ll continue to say.



That is a great looking red interior.  Seats look awesome to me.  Body looks like Bosphorus Blue.  Door jamb looks clean -but it should for this price.


Almost looks bluette here.  Nice complete trunk.

Kirk White Cars

Almost looks black.  All the usual comments about panel fit and trim being excellent apply here. Pumpkin_Run_Drag_Fest_Acto_Kirk_White_Int_579

One could do much worse in here.  Red is a good shade to match with a dark blue exterior.


I have to say this is a lot better than average.  Not much to complain about.  I like the gray plenum top.


Is that the right headliner material?  Very nice either way.



Really nicely done car.  All the details look great.  Are these the modern Carello’s you can get from Classic Alfa?

If you want a really nice, non-red SS, this might be the car for you.


5 thoughts on “Market 459: Pretty Giulia SS in Florida

  1. Very similar one(AR380813) will be sold at Bonhams Boca Raton this week.
    It has Same dark blue paint with beige interior, but without a wing mirror.
    I saw this car(AR380813) at the Carriage Housemotorcars in Greenwich, CT last year, it been on their website for a while but they failed to sell on $130000 or below.
    And now, it’s estimated price is very identical to this car, $140000-$160000.
    Which do you choose?

  2. Boca auction results
    lot 307
    1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Speciale Chassis no. AR 380813 Engine no. AR00121*00914
    Sold for US$ 143,000 inc. premium

  3. This car which belonged to Kirk F. White sold at Monterey last week for $126,500. It was at Amelia and a friend said it sure looked good. The RM auction description said it was a later 1750 replacement motor which may have effected the results? Seems there are several of these on the market trying to take advantage of some earlier high dollar sales.

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