Market 390: untouched and reasonably preserved Spider Veloce 10125 11332

Update 3/2/13:  Seller pulled the auction making me think it either didn’t seem like it was going to recoup their investment if the no reserve auction was allowed to play out, or they sold it off eBay.  Not sure which is more likely…

Update 2/9/13: This car is available again on eBay out of Santa Barbara from someone who knows their Alfa’s if the garage it’s in is any indication.  I had this listed as 11337, but it’s 11332.  Looks pretty good all cleaned up!


Scrappy.  Just needs some work and a few rare parts like the firewall mounted air box.


You can see the correct shade of gray here.  These are very valuable original tail light lenses.


Really does look better with rattle-canned wheels and a quick polish.  Note garage mate behind it.

Update 2/23/12:  There have been some questions about this cars vin number that have come up in emails and comments.  Here’s the deal: factory Parts Manual lists Giulietta Spider Veloce 10125 as a US market car -basically a US market 10107, with an 00106 type Veloce engine and a vin range of 1495 80001 – 11900.  Alfa vin numbers for this vin range were shared by the 10103, 10104 and 10107 cars, so whether or not it’s a Veloce depends on the individual car.  d’Amico and Tabucchi identify all the vin numbers sold as Veloce’s (they went through the factories hand written records to get the numbers) and as pertains specifically to this car, list the range of body numbers 11302 – 11395.  This car is unquestionably, in my opinion as based on good information sources, a Veloce.

Giulietta Spider Veloce 10125*11332, 00106.  This car is on eBay right now out of a long dry sleep in a Georgia barn, where it did suffer some corrosion, but avoided any, and seemingly all poorly executed, but good intentioned hands.  Seller’s description of the rust is potentially optimistic, but comprehensive pictures should bear things out.  This is the sort of car that makes the best restoration candidate -yielding the highest standard car if properly executed, since all the parts have always been together, as assembled by the factory.  I would dearly love to get my hands on a Spider Veloce like this -my favorite color combo even.

Front end appears to be largely untouched.  Passenger door fit is really good.  A good scrub up and polish would have this car looking really good.

Interior here looks amazing -should clean up very nicely.  Will probably be restored to the highest standard and these, maybe close to as nice original items as exist will be lost.  I hope they take a lot of pictures of it in its original state.

Floor does look good.  Hey Kip- there’s another one of those accessory trouble light sockets on the fuse box.  Look at how great that transmission tunnel carpet looks.  Would clean up amazing.

Gauges have a nice even patina.   Dash paint looks amazing.  Crack in steering wheel.  Preservation class I say!

Little rust here.  What’s up with the black undercoating?  My first Alfa, a TI came out of Georgia and had black undercoating like this all over everything.  Not easy to remove.  Note original Romablock hose clamps.

All just sort of how it should be other than neglected.  Airbox not in place here is in another picture.

Hello my name is…

Great car.  Really great car.  Look for a surprising result if it doesn’t sell before auctions end.


5 thoughts on “Market 390: untouched and reasonably preserved Spider Veloce 10125 11332

  1. Matt,

    Do the numbers on the data plate make any sense? Did a 101.25 ever exist? My Fusi list says that 1495.11332 corresponds to a 1960 Giulietta spider type 101.03.

    Sid Gage

    • Sid,

      If you look in the Parts Manual, it lists Tipo 10125 as Spider Veloce, US model, engine type 00106, vin range 1495 – 08001 – 11,900. Spider 10103 and 10104 use this same vin range for Normale’s so you’s have to look in d’Amico & Tabucchi for the specific individuals from the range that were manufactured as Veloce’s -or look at the specific car in question for evidence of being a Veloce.

      I hope this helps!


  2. Dear Matt – congratulations on your son! By the way, I am trying to figure out different grey colors for these cars. Is the one above graphite or anthracite grey or one of the light or medium greys (grigio chiaro or medio)? Love to get your cut on this question when you have a moment and you are not too tired. No hurry. Regards, Mark

    • Thanks!

      I suspect the Spider is dark gray that has oxidized. I am working on a new version of the site that will address this.


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