Market 457: Sprint 750B (not) 06035 for $98,000!

Update: Thanks Greig for straightening the numbers out for me -I was going off the top of my head when I said 06011 -should be 06611.  So yes, the seller has their numbers wrong… including the price

Giulietta Sprint 750B 1493*06035, (was) 1315*05570.  This car is listed on Craigslist out of Brooklyn, NY.  It looks like a nice enough car and all, but has some drawbacks… especially at this price.  On a side note, it’s the earliest second series body style Sprint I’ve seen.  So we know 06011 06611 was a series 1 and now 06035 is a series 2 -neat!  “The only one in the world with this perfection.”


It certainly looks nice here.  Has a GTV era Bertone badge on the lower front fender and no rocker trims.  Cute little fog/driving lights.  14″ (or are they 13″) rims from a ?.  Left and right grills look painted.  I do like the white.


Later “Alfa Romeo” script from a 105 TI among others in place of the cool “bullseye” style badge.  Airplane jewel badge looks red… should be black.  


1750 5 speed.  Interesting they were able to use the 1300 exhaust manifold.

Overpriced by how much??


4 thoughts on “Market 457: Sprint 750B (not) 06035 for $98,000!

  1. The license plate is not from NY. The telephone number is not from NY. The photos are not from NY. The Google map provided is not from Brooklyn. Something’s fishy – aside from the price.

  2. Something seriously wrong with that listing, 06035 was a January ’58 build Series 1 car, the last Series 1 was E06611 in mid ’58.

    I’d say the vendor got his numbers wrong and that should be 06635, a July / August ’58 build which would make it an early Interim or Transition car……should have the chrome spears around the indicators, also on the bottom of the doors, that Bertone script on the bottom of the LF wing is from a 105 as is the Alfa script on the trunk lid, do those look like 14″ wheels to you ??, air filter is wrong as is the reservoir bottle and the back parcel shelf is puffy padded with vertical pleats. Steering wheel is also after market. 1750 motor & 5 speed hardly seals the originality deal……

    If this is indeed 06035, then it’s a Series 1 which has been force-fed the Series II Grilles and larger tail lights……

    Either way, the price reflects how much the vendor cares, but not for the car or his customer

    • They do look like 14’s to me -but I guess that leads to clearance issues. Agree with the rest and annotated the listing.


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