T-shirts -back by popular demand

Update 2/3/13:  After some delays around toddler sized T-shirts I should have the big box of T’s in hand and start shipping them to all of you who preordered.  I have sold about half of them and have very limited quantities left, so if you want a shirt -especially a medium or large -speak now…

Screen Shot 2013-02-03 at 2.13.51 PM


The source of the image!

Update 1/3/13: It’s that time again -I’m going to order a batch of T-shirts.  This years edition will be black in honor of the two Sprint’s I’ve been working on for the last few months.  So…  Who wants them, how many and what size?  Email me at sprints at Giuliettas dot com what you want and when I have a good sized order together I’ll place it.  $22 each plus shipping this time..

Like this -only black!

Update 1/15/12: I am sold out of Medium and Large in Grigio Graphite, large in Celeste and have one shirt left in Celeste Medium. Of the other sizes, I am close to sold out -with 18 shirts total left.  I’ll probably be left with a handful of 2XL’s and Smalls…

Update 1/14/12: later… Black shirt has been claimed.

Update 1/14/12:  All the T-shirt orders have been filled.  I still have some left and a few people who ordered but haven’t paid, whose size and color choices I’ll reserve for a little while longer.  Don’t be caught out without one at the next rally you take your Giulietta or other Alfa on.  If anyone is interested I have a single black T-shirt in XL that I ordered special for someone and it doesn’t fit them -so now’s your chance to get that black shirt you always wanted.  Steve Smith -the email address on your order form bounced back!

Thanks for reading!

Update 12/21/11 PM:  So I ordered an extra 6 Grigio Graphite shirts in large, so keep the orders coming in.

Update 12/21/11 AM: I am sold out of large gray shirts and have 1 large Celeste left.  You all are smaller than you were last time I ordered shirts!  If I get 6 more large orders, I’ll get some more made.

I’ve passed some milestones I will be writing about very soon and as such, and to celebrate, I had a second batch of T-shirts printed for your enjoyment.  The order is placed, and I expect to take delivery by the end of the week.  As with last time, they will be in a very limited edition of 60 shirts total.  Sizes will run from small through 2XL.  If you need something outside of this I can make it happen, but it will be a little extra.  Price is $20 each + Shipping.  Combined shipping is not a problem if you want more than one.

Colors are Giulietta inspired: Grigio Graphite and Celeste.  T-shirts are Gildan brand, and printed by the sort of local (to me) folks at J.Carroll.

Jock just won a top award for his Sprint at a show in Australia, and poses in his shirt.

Here is Elmar in Germany, proudly displaying his Barn-find 750 Sprint while wearing a shirt from the last batch.

I know a lot of you sent me requests last time I threatened to order some, but it’s been a while and I think my time is better spent on new posts for the site rather than digging through year old emails.  If you want one please fill out the form below and I’ll calculate shipping and send you a Paypal invoice.  In the US I will accept mailed checks, or local cash and carry.



6 thoughts on “ T-shirts -back by popular demand

  1. Matt: Let me know when you have the lights on the car. I’d love to come over and see them, and pick up a T-shirt (large- navy blue) at the same time. Also check out the Glas.

  2. Matt, when should I expect to see shirts coming in to Michigan? Ordered them in your first wave in December. Thanks! Jon Albert

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