Market 421: Restored Speciale 177413 at Fantasy Junction

Update 2/2/13:  The beat goes on.  This guy, failing to generate much interest in the 2012 auction season is back at Fantasy Junction with new pricing: $169,500.



Good to see a picture from Fantasy Junction that’s not in front of the brick wall.

Update 8/23/12: No bids were placed at the minimum $135,000 buy in on this car so it went unsold. I wonder if it was the color combo, or lack of originality in the interior -or that the windows wouldn’t easily go up and down (they didn’t when I checked it out at FJ) or if a lot of people knew it was purchased from FJ to be sold at this auction and make a quick buck. Do any of these things matter when a potential bidder has 5 Gin and Tonic’s helping their hand up? I dunno.

Update 7/1/12: In case you missed out on buying it from FJ, you now have a chance to get it from Russo and Steele who will auction it during the old car festivities in Monterey this year.

Yes George, the drivers side rear wheel is a Fergat (and so is the spare) and the rest are Borrani’s.  I guess a high selling price doesn’t cure this sort of ailment.

Update 5/28/12: Car was initially listed for $142,500 and sold immediately for $135,000.

Giulietta Sprint Speciale 10120*177413, 00120*01738. This icy fellow is currently providing the white balance alongside all the usual reds in the Fantasy Junction showroom. This car looks great from all angles and is a pretty good performer. I had a chance to go for a ride in it after some tuning work was done by a local friend. Send me an email if you want some impressions. It’s not listed with a price and it’s got a ‘sale pending’ notice. I’m guessing $125K or so based on recent SS sales from them.

Very cool in white with all the chrome and glass.  I like white on old cars.  Paint on this is very nice.  Headlights are $8 Wagner’s.

The usual good Bertone shut lines.  Car comes with 3 Borrani’s and 2 Fergat’s.  Glass has had some imperfections polished out.

Plate is a recent issue.  I adjusted the trunk latch on this car – the catch was crooked and it didn’t want to open or shut easily.  This car has the 1600 style ‘bullseye’ badge with a plastic center instead of the cloisonne.


This was taken before the catch was straightened!  Note the Fergat is an early one with studs for balance weights.  Nice to see the spare tire clamp in place.  I still need one for my car.

Seats look and feel good but are not covered int he original style.  A really tidy interior.  I fixed a rattly gear shift lever on this car -was the usual combination of loose, dry and worn.  Is nice, quiet and tight now.

Impressive engine compartment on this car with nothing to do.  A lot of the fasteners I saw on it were replacements instead of the original Lobo or Fontana items.  So it goes.  Where you gonna find the originals?

A nice car.  I saw a media blasting receipt from the early 1990’s in it’s file.  I’m guessing it took a while for it to come together.


12 thoughts on “Market 421: Restored Speciale 177413 at Fantasy Junction

  1. They listed it on Friday and by Friday afternoon it was changed to sale pending. I believe the asking price was $142,500.

    • Agree on the aluminum. Looks best raw.

      Agree on details, but then to do it book right is tough when a lot of the ‘correct’ ones have been made incorrect by restorations. Add to that the expedience of trying to get stuff done when you’re paying some guy $100/hr to do the work.

      You do what you can I suppose -the details are for the next guy to solve.


  2. And now on the offering list for Russo and Steele’s Monterey auction. It will be interesting to see how much of a pop it will get from going right from Fantasy Junction to a high profile auction.

  3. Mat, I really enjoy your dry wit. Are you sure you do not have Aussie blood flowing? LOL – “…when a potential bidder has 5 Gin and Tonic’s helping their hand up? I dunno….”
    Best Regards
    PS try a sorted 2600 Sprint for 1/5 the price…GOLD!

    • Phil,

      I wouldn’t be surprised if my and ‘Aussie’ blood lines had some common headwaters in the British Isles, Scandinavia and the European mainland… There might have been a little G&T guiding my hands as I typed that.

      I had a sorted 2600 Sprint for a while -great car. I commuted about 130 miles per day in it for a couple months. I don’t remember what excuse I had for selling it, but it couldn’t have been a good one.


  4. In what is obviously a scam listing, this car is currently listed at a Buy It Now price of $50,000 on eBay, allegedly out of Frederick, Oklahoma. Same VIN, same car.

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