My parts on eBay

For many reasons I have decided to let go of a large amount of my Giulietta Spares.  A lot of it is stuff I had been saving for when I restored my Sprint or found another Spider project.  Anyway, I have a LOT of high quality Giulietta items on eBay right now.  Below are some teaser pictures…


Tipo 10106 fuel pump blank plate. 


All the 1300 special models need one of these.


I’ve worked on several over the years with mismatched escutcheons.  These even have great chrome!!


Not sure why but these do get lost.


I think these were also used on some Lancia’s but at a different length.



At least one of you has already seen this picture and I’m sure most of you would agree it’s worth several boxes of Giulietta parts you don’t even need…


2 thoughts on “My parts on eBay

    • 1959 Ducati 175T -not sure who went Touring on a 175 with clip-on’s, but that’s what the Italians somewhat ironically called it!


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