Market 362: Spider 750D 02124 project

Update 2/2/13:  Another no sale.

Screen Shot 2013-02-02 at 11.45.18 AM

Update 1/16/13:  Someone has had a little work done.  Boy -they shoulda painted the wheels bright red while they were at it.  I still think it’s a pretty reasonable start to that early Spider 750 project you’ve been contemplating.  See it on eBay now!

Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 10.23.49 PM

Update 12/12/12:  A little better than last time.  Maybe eBay is not the right outlet for this car?

Screen Shot 2012-12-12 at 9.16.20 AM

Update 11/26/12:  This car is being given another go on eBay.  Looks like the same pictures and description as last time.  Get it while it’s hot!

Update 1/22/12: I have said it often: you get one chance to have a really good outcome from an eBay auction, and this car is a perfect case study.  Round 1: 24 bids resulting in $12,100.  Round 2: 17 bids resulting in $7,789.  The presence of 2 other Spider projects on eBay during the second round does change things, but they are both later 101 cars and neither is in as good restorable condition as this one.  Look for Round 3: 12 bids resulting in $6,456 or, if the seller is savvy (or a reader) they will give the car a month or so, wait for a good one to sell somewhere for $70,000, take new pictures from new angles with the car cleaned up, and list it again.  Or they could list it here on my site with a hard purchase price and be patient, like we had to do 10 years ago…

Update 1/15/12:  Auction ended at $12,100 with the reserve not met.  I wouldn’t have sold this car for that -would have held out for a few more thousand -maybe $15K?  Car has been relisted.

Original post 1/8/12: Giulietta Spider 750D 1495*02124This car is on eBay right now out of Byfield, MA.  Seller appears to be knowledgeable about Giulietta’s and the description is pretty accurate compared to the pictures.  No engine number is stated, but the Alfa archive is quoted as saying it’s original and in the pictures it at least looks correct.  Check it out!

02124 looks like a pretty good example.  I don’t see signs of abuse -mostly just neglect.  Looks like any one of about 30 Spiders in red with an interesting coating of primer and surface rust all mottled together that I’ve written about.  Who’s your red friend?

It’s tough to tell how much rust it has.  Door shut line is very good.  I would drive this as-is except for the tires.

Back is almost as good as the front.  Check the corners of the lid for through rust.  Looks like a later 101 bumper center piece.  That other Spider looks pretty good!

You may actually get away with not replacing any metal back here unless you are one of those hell-bent on perfection types.  I’m more of a hell-bent on driving sort.

Interior is neglected and rough, but not messed with.  A carpet and rubber mat set along with some detailing and it wouldn’t look half bad.  Nice cassette player!

Here’s your chance to play god with molten metal.  If it rusted out because of water standing in the interior then it’s not too bad, if it rusted out because of forces from the underside then we have a problem.  I would guess the former.

Engine compartment is not too bad.  Interesting that it has a Veloce filter/regulator.  I’d have removed that if I was selling this car.

I’d love to have this as a project car.  A 1957 750D without too much rust and complete is a great thing to be messing with -maybe when the Glas GT is done or has worn out its welcome.  You could do worse than this car for a Spider project.  Much worse.


5 thoughts on “Market 362: Spider 750D 02124 project

  1. Looks so much like one of the 750D Spiders I bought last year, Market #233, they could almost be twins, even colors are the same. The seller was screwed around by several U.S.buyers & I ended up buying the car for a very reasonable price & I am delighted to have the car. The best part was a previous owner must have parted out a number of Giulietta Spiders as the car came with at least it’s value (purchase price) again in genuine Veloce parts………… Webers, oil pans, extra gauges, rebuilt engine, several extra bumpers, grille mouldings, Veloce exhaust headers, new engine bearings, new brake components, new valves & guides etc etc. A really handy package to have while I restore my other 750D Spider, adding some of the Veloce components to that car. I’ll send through some photos of the car we are restoring which has just the most rust free body I’ve ever seen in one of these Spiders, it’s in bare metal right now. Cheers: Phil

    • Phil, in all of those extra bumpers, might there be an extra 750 license plate light, or at least lens and bezel, that you would part with? Thanks, Bill

  2. This car has just been list on UK eBay item number: 120878632229 I inquired about some more pictures and the guy sent me all the pictures that you see in the original US listing he says has owned the car for 28 years and wants £3,900 for it but I need to pay up now for him to end the listing, I believe this listing is fraudulent and have report it to eBay


    • Update 5/3/2012: This car is back on eBay (U.S.) but now appears to be in South Carolina. One photo only. Sketchy?

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