Market 455: Speciale 10120 00657 at Gooding – Pinnacle of Giulietta elegance!

Update 2/2/13:  Sold for $90K plus fees.

Giulietta Sprint Speciale 10120*00657, 00120*00911.  This fine example of an SS is due to be auctioned in a few days in Scottsdale.  Not sure why the high estimate for this one ($160,000) is so much lower than the Giulia they are auctioning ($225,000), but hey, so it goes.

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 8.15.55 PM

Looks really good, but then some guy probably got a decent pay check for taking this and a few other great shots for the catalog.  Accessory steering wheel?  Great shut lines.


“rare and authentic details that would delight any local concours, including…”




3 thoughts on “Market 455: Speciale 10120 00657 at Gooding – Pinnacle of Giulietta elegance!

  1. Its beyond me why the black Giulia SS in the same auction takes an estimate of USD60.000 MORE than the Giulietta. Completely unfounded in my eyes.
    Or is it the shiny valvecover on the Giulia that asks for a whole mint Duetto price difference. The world has gone mad. (or the filthy rich are putting their money in cars and destroy the market for the majority of the people…)

    • And the selling price was even farther apart! I saw on the Alfa forum that the black car sold for $180,000 plus fees and the red one brought $90,000 plus fees. Someone else who saw the cars said both cars looked good but especially the black one. That is quite a difference.

      • It’s all about how it looks under the lights right? And these cars are not being bought by long time Alfa enthusiasts -so the buyers are probably operating on a ‘bigger-is-better’ principle.


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