Market 205: Giulietta Spider project in Washington

Update 1/10/13:  It runs and stops.  Hurray – let’s put it back on eBay.  Starting price is now $13,000.  It’s not a Veloce, it’s rusty (if you look closely at the underside pictures you can see finger trails where someone took a bathroom caulk approach to pushing filler into rusty areas before undercoating the thing) and unless you have a complement of attributes seldom found in one single person, it will be a confounding factor in your life.

Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 12.22.20 AM

Serious garage action here.  rear end sits really high -stuff must be frozen under there.

Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 12.22.04 AM

They’re hanging up the mop on this one…

Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 12.21.36 AM

One is forced to concede improvements have occurred.

Update 2/5/12:  This car is doing another tour of eBay -in what will likely be a decaying series of ending prices.  The last result of $6901 was pretty reasonable for a scruffy, loosely assembled project with the wrong motor.

Update 1/24/12: Close maybe, but no sale.

Update 1/18/12: This car has found its way to Texas, seen some assembly and is now on eBay.  It’s tough to decide if it was bought with intentions to restore and reality set in or if it was bought to spruce up and sell… and reality set in -either way, the last 22 months have been kind to the value of Giulietta’s -they will probably get their $ back.

Looks kind of dusty and charming.  Grill looks to be dangling.  Lots to do.

Update 3/29/10: No takers at the opening bid of $8500.  I suggest a more comprehensive inventory of the included parts and a picture set that shows a lot more than what’s seen in the auction.

Giulietta Spider 750D 10103*10359, 00551*02429 (69 US GTV). This car is on eBay right now out of Puyallup Washington from a seller with a backyard full of projects including a BMW Isetta, Triumph TR6 and a late 60’s Porsche -all probably estate sale finds like this Spider. Bidding starts (if someone decides to bid) at $8500, Buy it now is $12,500. Makes Market 204 seem a bargain!

Looks like your usual stalled project. Vent windows and small tail light openings make me think it may be earlier than the 1961 date stated -probably a 59 or 60. I requested the seller tell me the VIN.

Really does look pretty straight with reasonable panel fit and a healthy stance. Hopefully the trim missing in this picture is all in the piles of parts.

Seller states there is rust in the trunk and floors. Washington is a wet place, there is probably rust to some extent everywhere in the car. Trunk fit is pretty good! Which tail lights are these the openings for?

Cars with boxes of parts -lots of fun. Seats don’t seem right -might just be the coverings. All in all the dash looks pretty good.

Shape looks more like Sprint seats to me. Nice little parts cache behind the seats. I don’t think that ‘L’ shaped part next to the grill goes to this car.

Junk in the trunk? It may not mean anything, but that is the bottom of a Veloce air box sticking out in the upper left hand corner. Lot’s of good good misc. here.

Car came out of an estate. Nice straight body with no signs of accidents. Car seems to be complete. The trunk pan is rusty and so are the floors. Needs a new gas tank. The car runs great. All new brakes, wheel cylinders and new tires. Top bows are there along with (from what I can tell) all the chrome pieces. Great car for restoration.”

I’m going to say you could get away with using this as is, but if you were going to do some rust repair and paint, I bet it would bleed over into some work in this area.

While the fact of it being mostly complete, running, and having new brakes and tires do add value, it’s still an expensive 750D project (mostlt due to rust). If the Veloce air box bottom leads down a path to this being a late 1300 Veloce then it’s a good deal, simple as that. I know, it’s got a 120 mph speedo, but it doesn’t hurt to get excited and give the guy a call.

Pretty close match (if it’s a normale that is).

2009 Spiders

2008 Spiders


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