Market 295: Giulia SS 381285 getting around

1/4/13: I am pretty sure that this car, Lot #132, is the same as the car below and is being auctioned by Gooding & Company on Saturday, January 19th.  Estimate is an aggressive $200,000 – $225,000.  The transformation is remarkable.  Would love to see it in person.

Screen Shot 2013-01-04 at 1.24.53 PM

Handsome machine.



Proving history is point of view based.  


ss 381285 gooding catalog

3/17/11:  Giulia SS 10121*381285. This car is available now from Beverly Hills Car Club for the reasonable seeming $38,500.  It sold on eBay in late January for $26,500 out of Medfield, MA. In the weeks between it was treated to a bath, some vacuuming and polishing and some dents were minimized.  Current seller doesn’t show any pictures of the rust in the rockers but if you look at the photo set linked to by the vin link will see it.

Picture here is from BHCC.  Looks pretty good.  Paint has a good shine as does the bright stuff attached to the nose.

From BHCC, this shows a car with some wavyness but nothing too horrible -except maybe the mismatched red paint on the door.  Wheels show fresh paint.  I’ll assume a quick rattle can go-over.

Same car from eBay.  Note the extensive denting along this side and crusty wheels.

Wow, this BHCC shot makes this car look great!  Door shut lines are nearly invisible.  Dig the mirror.

This is the drivers door corner from the eBay auction.  Maybe BHCC did some rust repair and body work.

This is from the eBay auction -the drivers side front rocker.

The whole area.  Amazing what some polish will do.

Looks pretty good from the back in this BHCC shot.  Trim and trunk lid shut lines are great.

Didn’t actually look bad in this eBay shot either.

67-ish GT seats.  Decayed originals were included in eBay auction.

Dash area from eBay auction.  Very nice dash.

Engine from BHCC.  Everything where it belongs and correct.  Maybe this car wasn’t always red?  Odometer reads 59,xxx miles.

This one from the auction.  Didn’t take much to make it nice.

Underside looks great in this BHCC picture.  Doesn’t show the rockers but we already know they need work!

Is $38,500 too much for this car?  Well, I honestly can’t say without seeing it in person.  Prices are on the rise and if you could live with touching this car up, doing the rust repair and paint, and reupholstering a lot of the interior and reconditioning what needs it in the drive train, you might only spend another $25,000 which would put you in the low $60K’s -not too bad for an SS these days, and you get the luxury of spending that money bit by bit over a few years while you drive it. I know-$25,000 is dead cheap for rust repair and full repaint along with everything else I listed, but I’m just thinking driver quality blow-over -not full resto style.


3 thoughts on “Market 295: Giulia SS 381285 getting around

  1. I have some experience with the current seller & it isn’t good. Quick tidy ups with body filler seems to be the way they do it. My suggestion is…. be very careful, inspect it personally or using someone reliable & take a magnet.

  2. I wrote to one of the staff members about the chassis number and showed them why it was wrongly listed on the website. They made a correction to the webpage with the correct chassis number. It is 381285. Interesting to see the transformation.

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