Market 450: exclusive Sprint 20205 (was M49)

Update 1/16/13: Car has been sold via eBay for $12,500 almost immediately upon listing.

12/13/12: Giulietta Sprint 10102 1493*20205, 1315*010311.  This car is available right now out of Florida from a long time Alfa owner/restorer.  It is more solid than the usual Sprint project and complete but needs a full restoration to be nice or at least a mechanical freshening to be driven.  If you’re looking for a matching numbers complete Sprint as a starting point for a project this may be the car for you!  Asking price is “offers in the lower mid-teens”.

This car was Market 49 where it failed to sell for about $5500 back when you could get pretty good runner for about $20,000.  Pretty good runners have moved on to start at about $35,000 and projects have gotten more expensive as a result, so I think $12 – 15K would not be a bad deal for this car.  Car was originally delivered to a dealer in Italy – finding it’s way to the US in the 60’s.

Email me and I’ll put you in contact with the seller.  sprints @


One could drive this car looking like this.  Might cause some grumbling among the purists – but who cares.  Marker lights are consistent with a European delivery car.  Trim all looks pretty good. 


This all looks good -I don’t see any cracks in the steering wheel.  Gauges should be Italian/metric but speedometer has been changed to MPH at some point.  Note the high beam dip switch is on the steering column – another European detail.


The numbers.


There will be rust – but with Sprints and trunks there almost always is.


A little rust hole peaking out at the back edge of the wheel arch.  Rockers on this era Sprint are usually solid since the bottom is open -keeping it from trapping water.


You will want to look up from below at the rocker and floor.


Engine is mocked up and loosely in the engine compartment.  Sure looks better than a headless lump on a blue tarp.

Be aware that this car represents a lot of work, but it’s interesting, fun work.  The top of the market for a 101 Normale is probably $60,000 for a stunning example with nice drivers being about $40,000.


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