Market 448: Sprin”g” Speciale 00142

Update 12/12/12:  Numbers added.  Thanks Christopher for the fancy footwork.  Matching-ish number car = more value, but how much more?


Looks correct.  Clean block.


Only the early ones seem to have these build plates – usually US cars with the 10117 prefix.

Giulietta Sprint Speciale 10120*00142, 00120*00601.  At the bottom of the lower middle of the possibly viable Spring Speciale (typo theirs) spectrum sits this vin-not-disclosed SS out of Beverly Hills.  It’s actually more complete than this sort of thing is, but jeez – where’s it been??  Thanks Dan for making me aware of it.  Oh – and $44K is the operative range.


Everyone needs an SS at the bottom of their pond for the better part of the Rolling Stones career.  It is and someone will go for it -it’s just work after all (work being a four letter word for money).


Can’t see it from this angle, but it has a ‘1600SS’ badge on the Kamm tail.  Why do they all lack drivers door glass??  I don’t know that I’d sand blast this… 


And why are the steering wheels always in good shape?  Presence of sill plates is unusual.


10120 engine?  Maybe.


7 thoughts on “Market 448: Sprin”g” Speciale 00142

  1. Why are these cars so amazingly overpriced ? I would not dream of paying $ 44 K for a rusted hulk like that – maybe someone can tell me the secret about the ss-cars…


    • Secret is that they are kind of a unique thread – cul-de-sac really – in automobile design and despite this are totally useable as drivers. That said, prices for projects in the US are probably 2x where they should be, but money is cheap right now.


  2. Why are they always missing the driver’s door glass?

    I would imagine that’s the one broken when the doors are locked and there are no keys.

  3. Door glass — highly susceptible to deep scratches from the screws mounting the “fuzzy strips”. It the glass was good, it got removed and put on a good car.

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