Where are they now: Sprint 20377

The recent listing for Sprint 20753 prompted Greg to send me the email I attached below.  45 years have passed since he sold 20377 and he wonders what it has been up to.  Anyone have 20377 in their garage or know who does?  I have 20379 in my garage, but they haven’t kept in touch…

I can be reached at sprints @ giuliettas.com if you do.

Screen Shot 2012-12-08 at 1.33.29 PM

There’s something magical about an old picture of the cars we love.  This one is from the late -1960’s.  I went through my family albums and there are NO pictures of my dads old truck at all from 40 years of ownership.  I like the fog lights on this car.

“I purchased 20377 in 1967.  (Always thought it was a 1960, but it is 2 short of yours, so not sure today.)  I bought it from an architect named Arthur Dennis Stevens.  At the time I was just short of 17 years old and the car was my first.  The hand written bill of sale, written on the kitchen table in Steven’s home – a modern home near Barrington, Illinois, is attached.  I paid $568 for the car, which was a lot of money for a kid of modest means, who worked after school and during the summer at a golf course.  The Alfa at in a garage next to a Ferrari Stevens also owned, that had been badly damaged in an accident.

Now, though I didn’t know it at the time, Stevens was the last apprentice of Frank Lloyd Wright at Taliesin West.  He went on to design some well known houses in his own right (no pun intended) and, apparently, became a developer and architect of some note.  (If you Google Arthur Dennis Stevens Architect you can see some of his work and history.)

I was introduced to Stevens and this car by a friend of my parents named Tom Caulfield.  Now Tom Caulfield owned two 1950-vintage Ferrari’s.  One he had restored and one still needed work.  Even before I had a driver’s license I hung out at his garage on Saturday and ‘helped’.  I hammered aluminum, cleaned things and asked lots of questions.  I’m sure Mrs. Caulfield got tired of having to feed an extra mouth on those days.  Very gracious people indeed.  In any case, after getting my license, Caulfield probably figured the best way to be rid of me was that I get my own car.  In 1967 I did.  (Caulfield can also be found in Google and his cars are featured in an article in Cavalino Magazine, Dec 1990-Jan 1991, by Alan Boe entitled – ‘Doing What Man is Supposed To Do – Driving Ferraris’.)

During the winter of 1967 I essentially took everything off the car that I could.  I polished engine parts, put in new bearings, etc. etc. and eventually got it to run again.  The pictures included are post ‘renovation’.  I’ve also included the summary I made at the time of my ‘investments’ (not counting tools, some of which I still have.)  I’m sure it wasn’t very workmanlike by professional standards, but I learned a lot.  And I drove it a lot!  Most of the time it got where it needed to go, although sometimes it needed in-transit repairs to do so.  I think Alfa purists would mostly have liked it.  (Not sure the Abarth exhaust or Nardi steering wheel were vintage, but they were nice!)

Before long, I had to sell 20377 for college expenses.  I’d love to know what happened to it in the last 45 years.”

Screen Shot 2012-12-08 at 1.33.17 PM

The big money!  The renovation bill from 1967.

Screen Shot 2012-12-08 at 1.33.01 PM

Period Nardi wheel.  Nice interior.

Screen Shot 2012-12-08 at 1.32.47 PM

Bill o’ sale.

Screen Shot 2012-12-08 at 1.32.26 PM

Abarth exhaust.  The car is less than 10 years old in this picture.


9 thoughts on “Where are they now: Sprint 20377

  1. Can’t speak to the car, but I can speak about Tom Caulfield, who remains devoted to Italian cars. I was with him this past summer when his 212 Export Coupe won the Ferrari Competition class at Pebble Beach. As a founding member of FCA and the Alfa Club of Wisconsin, Tom’s enthusiasm has touched many people. Nice to hear of another such story. Tom is keen to acquire a Sprint, so if you find a good one let me know!

    • I have a wonderful 1957 Sprint Veloce (lightweight) for sale. Should Mr.Caulfield
      or anybody else be interested.History from day one with many period
      competition foto’s and documents from a famous name. Restored top to bottom to original specification. Too much to go into here but anybody who like to get more information please get in touch.. What a lovely story and pictures of the sprint. I remember my 250 GTE for about 9000 Dollars in 1976 which I drove all over Europe. Those were the days.Even petrol was affordable then.
      Cheers , Bart

  2. Neat story! I wonder if having a Sprint for a first car at age sixteen spoiled him ever after?
    And I agree that there is something magical about old owner photos. I have lots of my Lancia, and a fair number of my Healey. Before that, zilch.
    How about you, Matt?

  3. Aparently Hoffman Motors was a little slow about moving cars. I thought mine spider was a ’59 as that was when it was originally titled in Rochester, NY. It actually was built in April of ’57.

  4. My first job in the automotive field was in 1959 at Continental Cars in Shrewsbury , New Jersey… It was very common then for the Importer to issue a new title for cars of the previous year that had not sold… I eventually sold an unsold Old English White 1960 MGA in 1962 , with a current 1962 title…it carried the factory six months warrantee . Things were much different then.

    • Great to hear everyone’s comments and interesting about the re-titling. Today in the Alfa department I have a ’91 Spider Veloce. And, Shaun, you asked a very prescient question. Happy 2013!

  5. sorry i posted this before on the wrong page, thinking i was on this page, here it is, any reply would be appreciated.

    interesting story,i am an Architect too and i just bought two 60′s Era Alfas to restore and brought them to Dubai where i live and practice.i did not get much history about the car from the sellers, but thanks to you and your interesting and wonderful Blog i found one of them Sprint 10102 156687 on your site, apparently it was in Greece before, however i bought it from Stolze Classic cars in Netherlands , and i like to have as much information about this car as i can find. so anyone has any info about this car or my Giulia Sprint GT 614238 please contact me at

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