Market 242: frightening SS project 380956

Update 12/8/12: Still available.  Surprised?  Me neither.  This is a long uphill slog with a boulder on your back.  You would have to be a lucky guy who bought a project that came with an extra cars worth of trim etc.

Update 2/12/12: Elmar informs me this car has been relisted by Laurent with a reduced asking price of €8,900.  No less a crazy project!

French build plate.  Positive ID.  Someone somewhere will decide this is worth fixing.  Eventually.

Update 8/18/10: I am told this is Giulia SS 10121*380956, 00121*01092. That engine is now missing though.  Also, it does come with a windshield and is in France.

Original post 8/8/10: Thanks to an email from Elmar I can inform you all that this very rough Giulia SS can be yours for the asking price of 11,900 Euro’s.  I’m going to guess someone pulled this out of a scrap yard that should have been its final resting place.  I have seen worse in person and in pictures so I guess I shouldn’t dismiss it utterly.  What’s a hundred hours of welding between friends anyway?

It’s on wheels at least.  Note notched out nose and busted up headlights.  I see a steering wheel.

A little welding will be required.  At least the doors are present.  I see a rear end too.

I haven’t seen a trunk lid or hood in the pictures.  Side window trims are present on both sides.  Doesn’t look too horrible from this angle.  It’s crunchy with rust around the wheel well.

Some goodies are present here.  Original paint was maybe white?

It amazes me how many cars like this, that probably should have been crushed but for one reason or another weren’t, are coming out of the wood work.  How expensive do good ones have to get before this is a $15,800 car?  Very I suspect.


10 thoughts on “Market 242: frightening SS project 380956

  1. Now it doesn’t look too bad, concerning the bodywork – my spider looked much worse when I acquired it in Marseilles, long ago, missing hood and trunk lidm too. The problem wont’t be the welding but gathering the missing parts: engine (won’t have matching numbers, if you get an engine), seats, instruments, windows, to start with…
    Though again – with a lot of good will, it’s feasable. But the price is far too high for a wreck.

  2. I’m old enough to remember seeing roached Ferraris sell for chump change in the classifieds of Hemmings, AutoWeek and Road & Track, used cars (then) which change hands for astronomical amounts now. Someone could put this away, not spend a cent, and it will (sooner rather than later) be too collectible NOT to restore.

    • I remember in 1981 my mom needed a new car. I looked at the Chronicle classifieds and found some sort of Ferrari 250 for $8000 in her price range. She bought a new Mercury Lynx station wagon… oh well.


      • Yeah, in a few years, the remarkable thing won’t be how much someone paid for a sad rust pinata like this thing, but that it was it was available at all. Mom probably finessed on the 250 because its city/hwy mileage index wasn’t up there with the Lynx.

  3. Don’t hate me but I cut up a Special a few years ago because it was soooooooooooo bad. It stretched a foot on the trailer between Washington DC and Dundee, NY. It was that bad. I salvaged all I could from it and sent the rest away. It even had a bullet hole in it. Some must be sacrificed to save the rest.

  4. HI all i have a 1965 ss coming up for sale next year i am in the uk this car is a right hand drive and was once in the usa and shipped back to the uk in 1991 and fully restored, i have loads of history about the car going back to the 60s it has just passed its MOT and is have a repaint and the bright work is being redone. not sure if a right hand car would interest any of you in the states
    i am told that there are only 6 rhd cars remaining. chassis no AR381030, Engine no AR/00121/00578

    Cheers Richard

      • HI Dave
        yes the car is up for sale but it is still with the restorers, at the moment, i bought the car in 2001 and used it for 2 years, i was an AROC member where i showed the car a couple of times then the starter motor pack up which i sent for repair but was lost by the post office, i then brought to many old classics and the ss was put under sheets in the garden and not see the light of day until October this year, when i dragged it out and went off to the garage to get it going again. I must admit the body work was in very very good condition with no welding needed for the MOT, just the paint work has lost its gloss and the chrome work needed to be redone. and it needs a new head lining as the mice have had a chew which i am getting made the car is red and i have all the repair bills from 1991 which total around £31000 the car was brought from the USA as a crashed wreck damaged only i have all the import papers, letters from previous owners, the original green log book, i also have the photos (in the loft somewhere) from the restoration done in 1991 the car was completely rebuilt including the interior
        the seats are black leather, red dash still has the radio from the 60s. i do have photos of the car when i 1st pull it out in October which i can send if you want.
        not sure how much i want yet for the car as i still have to pay the final bill to the restores when the have finish.

        cheers Richard

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