Market 445: Sprint 20753, nice but not original

Update 12/12/12:  Listing ended -no bids.  So it goes.

Giulietta Sprint 10105 1493*20753.  This car is on eBay right now out of Illinois from a 0 feedback seller who has 5 cars on offer -the other four being modern Italian exotica.  This Sprint looks very nice, and will certainly satisfy someone looking for a sporty 1950’s Italian coupe, but the purists out there will give it some rough treatment – especially at nearly $40,000 asking.  


Body and trim looks great.  Grills appear to have had the ‘chip-cutter’ portions removed and these home-made horizontal bars added.  Nice mirror.


105 Sprint GT seats, polished steering column and door panel treatments are all attractive, but will leave some buyers shaking their heads.


Nice back.  Look like current crop of repro tail lights.  $(KGrHqNHJFYFChEC-))9BQsEN3VEPQ~~_4

Front end has been lowered a bit.  To those who always ask when I bring it up: these are Fergat’s, distinguishable by the somewhat triangular shape to the cut outs.$(KGrHqFHJB8FCEbR52ziBQsEOHz(LQ~~_4

Underhood mat is a mess.  Is the filter box resting on the header?  I see a remote oil filter.  Engine looks tidy.


The incorrect but attractive door panel.  There must have been a sale on this perforated black vinyl.


10 thoughts on “Market 445: Sprint 20753, nice but not original

  1. Looks like an assembly of an early Sprint cross-bred with later components. Early Sprints had the horizontal-bar grille along with what you call a chip-cutter vertical section; see
    Also, early ones had the airplane plate lamp, but not the later larger taillight lenses. The ebay site also says it is a 1600 engine.

    My 63 1600 Sprint, within a couple of hundred numbers of the last ones made, had the same seats and side cards as in this car–that is, black, with noxious vinyl. The seats superficially looked like 105 seats but were actually re-padded original seats. The upholstery was a vestige of an earlier refreshing done, probably in the ‘eighties, either in Italy or in the UK. It only took time and money to get the seats done properly in original cloth, but the sidecards were another matter, and involved technique. Elvizio in Italy will rebuild them but the transport (and expense) seemed prohibitive. It took a couple of years to find the proper stainless spears that run diagonally down the cards, and then to learn how to repaint black vinyl—but now it looks quite nice.

  2. What’s with the tranny tunnel treatment on this poor Sprint, I could live with the rest of the mods, but not that coffee table under the gear lever !!

  3. If this is a very early Sprint, i.e., one with original horizontal-bar grille inserts, the platform under the transmission might reflect a conversion from column shift to floor shift. That would be consistent with a lot of the other mods on the car–e.g., four wheel disc brakes. What a pity this car wasn’t left as it was made!

  4. I think this car was built up / refurbished by Dan Wells at Forign Auto Mender in Poway Ca about twenty years ago. I recall the ugly box over the 5 speed. A good friend drove it for a few years, and traded for a Beck 550 Spider rep. It was a really nice Sprint, except for the trans tunnel.

  5. The seller is a reputable Ferrari dealer and well aware of the modifications made from original. A read of the the ad on the website reveals all. At least it a appears clean and rust-free!

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