Market 206: Very nice, very late 1300 Spider 370931

Update 11/13/12: This guy has turned up on eBay out of Arizona.  Fancy that – the auction is starting at $45,000.  Still a nice car.

Red, tidy and ready for action.  Door shut lines are almost invisible.  Hood fits better than usual.


Update 3/30/10:  The masses have spoken.  51 bidders made a play and a resulting $45,400 high bid has won the auction.  Makes you wonder what the same car as a Veloce would have achieved value-wise.  Well sold.

Giulietta Spider 10103*370931This car is on eBay right now out of Jefferson Oregon, home of Bill Gillham, who has been involved with repairing/restoring 750/101 series Alfas for many years.  Condition, both mechanical and cosmetic is excellent -ready for enjoyment.

Leading a drive through the lush Oregon countryside.  Car looks fabulous with great trim, panel fit etc. .

Turn your head and cough.  This shows the luster of the 25 year old paint while demonstrating the functionality of the hood and trunk hinges.  The ride height is just right.

Ditto all the last pictures comments except the one about the hinges.  In this picture the door shut line is nearly invisible.  Rocker trim and bumper alignment is very nice.  I wish this was sitting in my driveway.

Auction text: “1962 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider Normale. Rust free, never hit, well preserved, slightly patinated, and quite correct. This Giulietta has been carefully preserved and  maintained but never actually restored. Drive any where, this car will not fail to satisfy. An Oregon car, always garaged and enthusiast owned. Currently, and previously owned (12 of the last 25 years) by Bill Gillham, ex AROC President and current AROC Restoration and Preservation Chair. The car was painted the only time 25 years ago, in Acrylic enamel, the dash and engine compartment paint are still in  original paint. The Spider still shows well. Recent seat and door panel reconstruction and upholstery in black leather with Wilton wool carpet.  An older Robbins Stay-fast top that is still in great condition plus, a rare original Nardi Wheel (nearly priceless) completes the interior. Perfect chrome. Fergat wheels and Pirelli tires.

 Runs wonderfully and is comfortable at freeway speeds with a 5 speed conversion (done by Gillham 15 years ago).  All gauges work correctly, including the trigauge which was calibrated by Les Hurlock. The Giulietta lead a day-long tour last Spring and another tour at the AROC Convention in Portland last summer. It has participated in the Monty Shelton N.W. Classic Rally 5 times, it’s highest finish was 3rd place in 1989. (Klein and Klein driver / navigator).  Contact me with questions <xxxxx>.
 I recommend a personal inspection, you will not be disappointed. This quality car comes by only once in a while.  Please don’t bid if you don’t intend to complete the sale I will deliver the car to a shipper or it’s new home with in 100 miles for free. Storage beyond 30 days is available for a monthly fee. – Bill Gillham”

This is where the 8’s are separated from the 9’s and 10’s.  Attention to detail in the trunk says attention to detail everywhere.  Note the nice contrast of the silver screw heads on the black send unit access cover in the red trunk floor.

More exemplary attention to detail.  If it runs as good as it looks then it must be sweet indeed. 

Gauges look great.  Steering wheel is fantastic.  Again, nothing detracts here.

Another little demonstration of attention to detail.  There’s not even any parking receipts or pennies back here.

Save yourself a lot of time, expense and trouble and buy this car instead of that ‘seeming bargain’ youv’e been looking at.  Cars this nice don’t come up for sale on the common public market very often -usually there is someone who has been bugging the seller to sell them the car or it ends up at a fancy auction.  This should set the high water mark for Spider normales on the common market.  Good examples of good cars are always in demand.

Think about it

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