NSU Sport Prinz on eBay

You know I have a soft spot for the NSU Sport Prinz -and you should- too since they were one of the few other Scaglione designs to come out of the BAT exercise, with the first few hundred being built by Bertone.  This one is a bit frightening, but not too far gone me thinks.  More importantly, check out the yard it’s in.

Comprehensive bumper!  This is a short car -even for it’s day.  Who’s hiding in the back ground?

If this was a full sized car with decent power…



Some buddies in the background there… pair of Giulietta Spiders!



These tail lights look a lot like Sprint tail lights.  

Could almost be a Sprint interior.  Door interfaces with the car similarly in an SS.

Anyone here have one of these?  I’d have to have a Bertone bult one!



11 thoughts on “NSU Sport Prinz on eBay

  1. NSU bought 2 or 3 low-nose SS cars directly from Alfa in 1959, & there were rumours of NSU buying the whole company around the same time
    Kind Regards, Chris

    • NSU did the Necker Fiat’s and I believe was the German agent who did finally assembly on German bound Giulietta’s in a similar fashion that Renault and Willy’s Overland did for France and Mexico respectively.


  2. Thinking of Giuliettas, there are 4 nice -looking examples in the auction in Paris on Sunday November 11th; a 750 series Sprint Normale, a 101 series Sprint Veloce and two Spiders (1 normale and 1 veloce)

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