State of the union – fall 2012

Frequent readers will note that not much was posted to from early September  through the present.  I have had a few gentle nudges in the form of emails basically asking: “Hey – are you still alive??” and a few donations which I take to be nudges of a different sort (big THANKYOU’s by the way – you know who you are).  Well, what’s going on then?  I turned 40 in mid-September, took a 2 week vacation in New Hampshire, Vermont and NYC, Rufus started daycare upon return ’cause mom went back to work, I moved my shop -which is currently about 50% done, and started a new venture with another start up.  Simply put – my mind and hands have been elsewhere, but now I am ready to get back to it.  What about my projects you ask?  Here’s the latest:

Giulietta Sprint -it’s wintering right now because it needs a full tune up, new tires and I drive it so much I wore out the Denso alternator.  I’m strongly leaning towards painting it in the spring…

A couple of Bay Area oldtimer scruffy Sprints…

Lancia Appia -it runs, drives, stops and looks good doing it, but oil is not getting to the pressurized parts of the engine for some reason.  The oil pump pegs the gauge when you start it.  I took quite a bit of it apart looking for the cause but didn’t find it.  Jaan will be giving it $ome attention in the coming weeks.

I’m looking forward to cruising this next year.  The lighting makes it look better than it is.  Grill is in the trunk.

Glas 1700 GT -it has been getting the metal work done in prep for paint since late September.  It was hit in the passenger side rear long ago and repaired with a sledge hammer and bondo.  It’s nearing completion and will go immediately to paint.

These things always look horrible at this point.  The door had a big flat dent that was filled with about 1/2 gallon of bondo.  Now it just needs a light skim coat.  There is a small weld repair going on to the rocker here too.  PO attempt at repair was to skim over the rust with bondo.  How nice.

This trunk lid and body line was in a bad state!  Lots of careful hammer and dolly work, some heat shrinking and some new metal added have it looking much better.  Still a ways to go, but so much better now.

You can see that the character line along the edge goes from one side to the other now.  The right corner was pushed in about 1 1/2 inches before work started.

Toyota Stout has been sold!

Bought 1961 Honda CB72 and 1964 CB77 projects recently, gathering parts for them now.    Why?  I was a motorcycle guy long before I was a car guy and I miss the fun of cruising around town old small bore old bikes.  I’m in the market for a Parilla 250GS…

1961 Honda CB72.  This has a lot in common with a first year Sprint -it’s basically the same bike as the later ones, but just about every detail is slightly different on the first ones.  Bill Silver -the guy who wrote the book on these (literally) did the first part of the restoration –read about it here– sold it to me along with a truck load of spares. Why do I call it a project?  Still needs some cosmetics sorted out. 

So there you have it.  I’m looking forward to the days ahead in the new shop working on projects and learning more about how to fix stuff.  What about Rufus you ask?  Oh yeah -he’s coming along nicely too!

This was Rufus’ first shopping cart ride.  He crawls very fast now and eats a variety of stuff.


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