Market 442: Survivor Spider 750D 06495

Update 12/12/12:  2x no sales with strong bidding.  I’d probably have sold it at $30,000, but then again, I’m not trying to make a calculated margin like most dealers are.

Screen Shot 2012-12-12 at 9.32.02 AM Screen Shot 2012-12-12 at 9.32.12 AM

Giulietta Spider 750D 1495*06495.  This car is on eBay right now from a seller in Santa Barbara who has been listing Alfa’s occasionally (buying low and immediately trying to sell high in the spirit of free market capitalism) over the last few years.  The car is solid -and besides that unremarkable and tired.  I suspect this is the car that was on Craigslist out of the Napa/Sonoma area wine country last month.  Amazing what some elbow grease and the right lighting for pictures will do for you.

We’ve seen this pier a few times.  There are no holes for ‘eyebrow’ trims -must’ve been filled the last time it was painted.  Hood needs a little fitting on the drivers side corner.

This is a very straight body.  Door shut lines are nice, trim fits very well and the stance is good.  Is that rot below the rocker trim?


The amazing thing about cars that have mixed wheels, is no one else seems to notice.  This car has 3 Borrani’s and a Fergat.  This front fender looks to have been recently painted.

Red car with black over blue in the trunk.  This thing has seen some paint over the years.  Is that a Becker or Blaupunkt or?  Looks like the radio in my Appia.  This is a pretty good car to restore.

Looks okay.  Nice incorrect 101 steering wheel.  Gauges could use some attention.  Lot’s of tonneau cover snaps.  Seats look pretty good.

I would drive this in this condition.  

Anyone care to take this statement apart?  “The car retains its original single Weber carburetor. The decision was made to upgrade the gearbox to the much desired Giulietta Veloce five speed gearbox. This means you can actually get on the freeway and drive comfortably.”

Whatever else you want to say about it, it is rust free looking.  Don’t forget to check the trunk corner under the battery…

There you have it, a Spider that runs and drives but needs basically everything if you want it to be nice for nearly $30,000.

What have I been up to you wonder since it’s been a month since my last post??  I traveled for nearly 3 weeks and have been busy with Rufus.  If anyone want’s to contribute a bit, that would be great -otherwise postings here will be pretty light going forward.


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