Market 441: Sprint Speciale 00460 at auction

Update 9/23/12: Sold for $40,750.  Wheels sold separately for $2000.  Other lots of Alfa stuff made good money too.

Giulietta Sprint Speciale 10120*00460.  This car is being auctioned next week by RM’s Auctions America.  This car appeared on the Alfa BB a few years back and a bit of information can be found there, including that it is rumored to have been the NY Auto Show car.  I haven’t seen any trim for it or anything but I suppose what’s mentioned on the BB is included.  It’s noteworthy that it has very very rare period alloy wheels.  Was probably a $20K car when it was offered on the BB… who knows now.

Nice straight shell.  Door fit is wonky, but its guides are undoubtedly in a box somewhere.  Sweet wheels, have them inspected for cracks.  I don’t think I’ve seen a set of these for sale since I’ve been keeping this blog.  I’m sure someone will be tempted to buy this, take the wheels and a few choice bits for their project then send it on down the road…

Unusual for an SS to have 4 wheels of a kind.  Body looks straight and rust free, but off-white primer can hide a multitude of sins.

Even the lower edge and underside of the rear end is straight.  I’m tempted.

Every part of every part needs work.  Another nice SS steering wheel.  You’ll need a new ashtray – I don’t think the little way engraved lines can be replicated these days.


3 thoughts on “Market 441: Sprint Speciale 00460 at auction

  1. So that is one question answered! I’ve just left a question on alfabb about ‘originality’ and you show me this! got marked down for ‘non original’ leather covered wheel. You lost me re wheels tho! They look pretty standard to me, what have you seen normally fitted then?
    As usual, thanx matt

  2. Slightly OT, but on the subject of original wheels, does anybody out there know of any period chrome-plated wheels? I ask b/c my ’59 Spider has such a set! They were purportedly a “dealer-installed option” in the States. Still have the original tires on them as well. Just curious if anyone knows more about this option.

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