Market 366: Spider Veloce 390015 in Italy

Update 9/3/12: This car has been listed for sale in France now.  No pictures of the intake set up so I assume they haven’t changed it to be more correct.  Price is now 60,000 Euro’s.

1/10/12: Giulia Spider Veloce 1600 10118*390015, 00121*01569.  From our pal’s Luzzago comes this 1600 Spider Veloce.  You have to call them and engage in human interaction if you want to know the asking price -I’m going to guess that price is in line with the asking price we’ve seen for similar cars as such places as Fantasy Junction.  All areas of the car are described in ALL CAPS as PERFECT.  Go look in person, bring a parts book and a magnet.

It’s red.  It’s a late spider.  It’s got a luster that triggers desire.  It looks damn good.

Top up is not the best display mode.  Wears a Milano plate.  Rear window is nice and clear.  Trunk fit is excellent.  Wheels are Fergats.

Is it just me, or does it look like the rim lip was flattened at about 2 of the clock?  Shiny shiny shiny.

Looks pretty good.  They spared us the plastic and rubber ‘wet look’ chemicals.  Phew.  There doesn’t appear to be a battery installed.

Red and black and black and red and …  I like the steering wheel.  Some kind of big plastic rado blank plate on the dash.

Gauges are yellower than I would have expected.  I’m not sure if anyone reproduces lenses for these gauges.  Anyone?

Y’know, a 105 1600 intake set up is not expensive and is pretty well indistinguishable from the correct stuff.  So why the single carb?  I would be VERY interested in driving it with this set up.  Other than that it’s acceptably presented.

To avoid confusion.  Late Veloce’s didn’t have an F since they had their own prefix -10118.

I think it would be interesting to compare a 10118 Spider Veloce with a 750F Veloce to get a sense of the evolution of the species.  I’ve had the pleasure of giving a 750F some stick -I guess my time will come to drive a 10118.


9 thoughts on “Market 366: Spider Veloce 390015 in Italy

    • Indeed they were, that’s why I mention the modest expense of adding a 105 twin carb set up in place of the correct items.

      Your shirts are on their way as of today!


  1. That’s not a Giulia Veloce engine. Of course one can add 105 Webers, etc… however, a Giulia Veloce without the original dual Webers does not make a Giulia Veloce engine. That is the reason unrestored Veloce engines bring up to $15K :-)

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