Welcome Rufus!

Update 8/28/12: Rufus has been growing, changing and leading me on a new adventure.  Here are some pictures I took this morning when he was in a really good mood.  Note the shirt!

Update 4/6/12: It’s been six + weeks and Rufus is flourishing. I think he’s about 12 pounds now and his personality is definitely coming out.

Rufus watches mom – not sure if he’s thinking ‘there’s mom’ or ‘there’s the chuck wagon’.

I’ve hinted that it was going to happen in occasional posts and, well, it finally has.  My son Rufus William Dow Hamilton was born on Tuesday 2/22/12 at 12:10 am.  He’s happy and healthy (7 pounds, 9 ounces and 21 inches).  I’ll have him helping me out in the garage in no time.

Rufus has a solid head of hair!  He’s still a bit fussy -they say from learning to deal with stimulation among other things.

And he and I after a long day.

He’ll be borrowing the Sprint to go to high school next thing I know…


33 thoughts on “Welcome Rufus!

  1. congratulations !
    I have just put my two year old Tallulah Mae to bed…..at last.life will never be quite the same again.


  2. Congratulations, Matt! I was afraid his middle name was going to be “Sprint”.
    It’s always good to have another Alfisti around.

  3. Congratulations, Matt! Nice work! My 10 year old was just out in the garage w/ me today, helping chip away at old Giulia SS undercoating; “they grow up fast” is not just an expression.

  4. Matt, congrats! I’m sure your boy will be influenced and inspired by your passion for Alfas and cars in general.

    All the best,


  5. Congratulations Matt. Next gen Alfisti, with a fine head of hair too. Thought you might have snuck in an Orazio or Giuseppe amongst his names. You’re right, it wont be long before he’ll have Alfa grease under his fingernails.

  6. congrats Matt, Mommy and Rufino, may the next little urchin be a pedal pusher! Welcome to the expanded family life. He certainly looks like a keeper.

    cheers from the great white north.


  7. Congratulations, The very best to you and your family. I truly enjoy your site. My first son(53) traveled across the United state at ten months of age in a Alfa. my second son (50) has had several Alfa GTVs and now has a 74 GTV. It seems to run in the family. One of my cars is a ’81 Lancia. Again, The Italian cars are fun to own. Enjoy growing up with your son. You will find that time goes by ever so quickly.

  8. congrats are in order young man! *slap on the back* You passing out cigars? I would have named him Alfo Romeo Hamilton. JK!!
    My kids grew up around my Alfa’s and they love the marque.
    Now get some sleep while you can, he will have you running the rest of your life.

  9. Congrats from Belgium …. Welcome to Rufus. I hope he will be a good mechanic : our Alfas will be 100 years old when he will turn 50 !

  10. Congratulations Matt!
    I have been there myself, quite recently as it feels but actually 5 and 7 years ago now. It’s fantastic!

  11. Congratulations, Matt!
    Looking forward to seeing you, Step and little Rufino on the road sometime soon. I’m assuming you’ve already figured out how to install one of those modern — and massive — baby seats into the Sprint.
    Regards — Shaun

  12. Matt,
    Congratulations! I echo many of the sentiments above….they grow up way too fast and will keep you running the rest of your life…

    Children give you a wonderful perspective on life…make sure you take the time to enjoy the moments, each one is special and to be savored especially in these hectic times.


  13. Congratulations, Matt! What a beautiful boy. I’m looking forward to seeing him out in the garage, helping his dad. It won’t be long.

  14. If only he had waited 12 more minutes! But congrats (again) to you and Steph — parents of a very lucky boy! I look forward to the cigar.


  15. Congratulations Matt ! All you need now is a Giulietta (Rufetta ?) in your stable to keep your lovely looking new Giulio company……


  16. congratulations Matt – I remeber that feeling well 24 years ago – enjoy every minute!- I was a little concerned when his first car was a honda but the third was a gtv6 , then he rebuilt an Alfa 164 motor and now he is restoring a really nice 69 gtv so these are the things you can look forward to and you’ll be prouder of his accomplishments than your own! oh and you are going to learn patience like never before love and enjoy……Marty

  17. Hi Matt, Last night, 3/3/12 we celebrated our younger daughter’s Annie’s 36th BDay – Our older daughter Barb, is 38 – beyond the cars, they and now the three grandsons and one granddaughter – this IS the best part of life – the very best to you and your family – thank you for sharing this most special chapter in your life
    Best regards,
    Sam Smith, & slo silver Alfa #173 “Luigi”

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