Market 439: Spider Veloce 750F 06380 w/ hardtop

Giulietta Spider Veloce 750F 1495*06380.  This car is available out of Connecticut on eBay.  Engine is not original and it needs a lot of help in all the usual areas, except it doesn’t appear to be too rusty.  Presence of original Pininfarina hardtop is unusual and will add a few thousand bucks to the result.

So far so goo.  Some bits are missing but they are included.  Headlights look like the original Carello units

Interesting use of a 101 Giulietta Sprint tail light set. The center bumper section may be Sprint too.   Mmmm hardtop.

This 4″ of the ourside rocker look okay.

Gauges are form a later 1600 Spider or SS.   Steering wheel is funky…

Seller says the engine is from the 80’s.  Looks like a 101 1300 head to me.  Marelli regulator and Veloce filter can and plenum are nice to haves.

A positive ID.

Could be a good starting point for someone!


2 thoughts on “Market 439: Spider Veloce 750F 06380 w/ hardtop

  1. I like it, but it would be work for sure. The paint seems thick. That steering wheel looks like the one that came on my Abarth. It was great on the Abarth, not sure it works here. The gauges could be used as trading material I guess, but I’ve never had much luck with trades. Personally I would prefer a more complete car even if it were a bit rusty. It can be hard to find the right parts, ID them etc.but that’s just my take. I am sure with persistance this could be a really nice car.

  2. I noticed the vent windows. Euro delivery 750?
    It’s also worth mentioning that that the radio hole has been opened up, and not very attractively.

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