F.I.S.P.A. Air cleaner for most single carb Sprints and Spiders + mystery

I got this FISPA (TIPO: FATS 5032, DISEGNO: 9815) air filter canister from a reader as sort of partial payment for helping sell a car.  I thought it would be right for my Sprint but it turns out it’s got a slightly different shape than another one I had on hand for a Sprint.

Applications: I decided to check the parts book and found there are three versions of this part.  If anyone has an original older Sprint or Spider I’d be interested in hearing which box you have.

  • 1315.53.820: For Spider up to engine 1315.43709; after that see 1315.53.832.
  • 1315.53.832: for Sprint from engine 1315.05874 to 1315.09002 – for Spider from engine 1315.43710 to 1315.45854; after those numbers see
  • for Sprint and Spider after numbers above.

Failure mode: rusts out, stabilizing mount to valve cover Splits, it gets lost.

Current state of parts: Classic Alfa UK sells a new repro.  eBay usually has a one listed in need of restoration for about $400.

Notes: Early versions seem to have a bolt instead of the loop (part 11 below) for tightening to the top of the carb.  I have seen several sorts of FISPA labels, from a stamped metal plate to a screened on decal.  Bill Gillham has repro’s of some of these.

Here is an early version on the left (not sure which early version) with the stamped build plate and, the last version with the screened decal.  Both are in ‘original, as pulled from an old car’ condition.  The one on the right is doing time in my Sprint now.

Actual differences can be seen here: early unit (on left) has dimple to clear the choke cable pinch bolt, the angle of the part that fits to the top of the carb is different and the clamp to the top of the carb has a regular hex plus slot bolt instead of the loop bolt.  I am pretty sure this is original because the bolt is an OEM with a shoulder to clear the clamp.  You will also note on the older one the carb clamp part is pushed into the pick-up a bit requiring the clamp to be cut down some, meaning it gets narrow around the other side.

This is an early Spider firewall.  That crescent shaped depression is to clear the air box.  I fit the restored box to this car and it fit perfectly, so I suspect this is an early Spider air box.

Here is the early one after some restorative efforts.  The canister, strap and lid were powdercoated gloss black.

To powdercoat the lid I drilled out the little aluminum rivets that held the build plate on.  Laurence gave me a pair of new rivets -they’re very small.

Looking very nice here -I cleaned up the plate a bit after I mounted it.  I really need to get a 14mm hex black oxide nut on this and plate the threads in black oxide as well to go the extra mile.

I plated the clamp and screw and they look pretty good here.  I have an extra loop type clamp screw I may use.

This strap secures the filter box to the valve cover.  This clamp tightens the strap around the canister. Was a pain to get this apart for plating!  Looks pretty good I think.

If you need one of these air boxes restored I can make yours look like this, provided it’s complete and not all rusted out, for a reasonable price.

Also, this airbox is for sale.  Make an offer if you need one.


6 thoughts on “F.I.S.P.A. Air cleaner for most single carb Sprints and Spiders + mystery

  1. I hate to admit this but I remember removing one of these to put a Weber on. Sorry. Hey the Weber worked and the solex was dead, shaft etc. To my credit I did keep the old carb and passed it on to the next owner including the airbox. I am sure it is in his basement in a box with dust on it.

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