Market 383: 10120 Sprint Speciale at Hyman

Update 8/21/12:  Sold for $138,000.  Well, er, bought and sold.  The journey continues.

Update 2/13/12:  It is the same car -the vin has been verified.  Sold for about €38,000 in 2006.  Market has changed!

Update 2/12/12: I heard from a previous owner of this car -the vin is 10120*177259.  He sold it into Spain 6 years ago.  He’s not positive it’s the same car, but pictures indicate it most likely is.

Silver grill -yes.  Same tires?  I think so.

Definitely looks like the same engine to me.  There you have it -a piece of the past puzzle of this car.

Giulietta Sprint Speciale 10120This car is listed by Hyman Ltd, in St. Louis.  No asking price, vin or other info is provided, but judging from the pictures it’s a nice car and knowing Hyman’s MO, it will undoubtedly be expensive.  I looked through my files but was unable to find this car.  Anyone know it?

Like Fantasy Junction and their brick wall, Hyman uses this stage to good effect.  I wonder if it’s set up all the time?  I’m helping a friend listing a ton of Jaguar parts from the 50’s and 60’s on eBay and we plan on setting up a permanent photo area.  Note the screen behind the grill is in silver (or possibly chrome) -not original (if you care).  Windshield wipers are parked on the opposite side form usual.  Nice looking car!

And the back.  Recent European import, or fitted with new amber lenses?  What’s that under the car below the plate frame and next to the muffler?  Maybe something on the ground beside the car?  Door fit is superb.

Very tidy door and jambs.  Some guys like the window handle to point to 6 o’clock when the window is down If the mechanism moves easily, the weight of the lever can make the window creep open when it’s up if the handle is at 6 o’clock.  How do you get the door sealing rubber strip to sit so well in place?

Some detailing went on in the hours before this picture.  Does the upper 150 degrees of the steering wheel look like it’s been pulled toward the driver or is it some kind of optical illusion?

Metric gauges further point to this being a European import.  Note the steering column cover is not wrinkle finish -but semigloss black rather, and the face of the gauge cluster is in body color where it’s usually also semigloss black (or wrinkle finish after a lot of exuberant restorations).

Look at that bling filter/cold air box!  Marelli regulator is present as is the under-hood light these share with 2600 Sprints (I think).  Nice!

Someone spent some time really carefully putting all this together -even the fan is polished!

Trunk is tidy -but should be in black no?  One of these days I’ll get a spare hold down handle -for now I’ll continue to let is slide around the little pen defined by the filler-cap, firewall and fender.  Been seeing a lot of Varta batteries lately -pulled a Japanese one out of a Ferrari last week.  Tool pouch isn’t correct, but is a nice touch.  Note the jack is on it’s little perch.

What am I doing?  I should be out trying to get rich so I can buy cars like this rather than write about them.  Any bets on an asking price?  I’m going to say a cool $190,000 (Rick, yes, this may be irresponsible) -I’m basing this outrageous number on the $175,000 they asked for (and probably nearly got) for the last one they listed.


12 thoughts on “Market 383: 10120 Sprint Speciale at Hyman

  1. hello,

    i just send an e-mail to Hyman. looks very much like my old Giulietta SS i sold to Spain some years ago. keep you posted when i have more information.


  2. “What’s that under the car below the plate frame and next to the muffler? Maybe something on the ground beside the car?”

    Thanks for pointing that out. I’m the photographer at Hyman Ltd. The angle of the rear glass gave me a bad reflection from the lights above and I had a coworker hold a blocker above the car. That is his shoe what you see in the picture ;)

  3. It’s only after the car has been removed from the listing does any speculation become meaningless and should be cautionary….. hose routing is wrong.. fuel filter wrong.. should have left the cam cover alone…media blasted alloy cold airbox never looked like that..yuck.. Lady Gaga can get away with it but not real cars… no doubt expensive and befitting the top of the range. key question is whether it sets a new top limit to the range in such a shot time since the limits were set at Amelia two years ago… Maybe but not by major leaps. Uncle

  4. When the very obvious is incorrect then the not so obvious becomes questionable. Alternatively, is no longer a question if trivialities for a premium priced automobile. I am wrong? or just trivial?


    • It’s a tough call – I endorse vigilance and travel on the buyers part. Go see it. It’s why eBay motors doesn’t make much sense to me as a place to buy an old car.

      • Ebay auctions run about nine days. Auction houses last about 15 minutes… In an ambiance filled with vim and vigor, where the emotion of the moment drive you to insanity and stupidity, where bidders competitiveness and deep pockets take hold. It is then, under such a setting, that the auction becomes more about the bidders than about the car itself. Therefore…. IF you find a listing with a good description, good photos followed with a phone conversation just to name a few… Would it not be justifiable to jump on a plane and spend some time with the car and the owner? What do you think? In my non expert opinion, ebay can be an exceptional tool if the users can navigate through it. No auction system is perfect yet, I would prefer ebay as a venue as supposed to any in and out the door auction setting.

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