Market 433: Spider 10103 171827 auctioned by Gooding & Co

Update 8/22/12: So I was wrong -this car only made $41,800.  That ought to keep every 101 1300 (and 1600 too methinks) Normale owner with a clean example from getting too big a head over their car.  Of course -I heard from some in-person inspectors that it was more tired than it ought to have been…

8/2/12: Spider 10103*171827At the Pebble Beach weekend this year Gooding will possibly be attempting to set a record for the sale of a Normale 1300 Spider.  The car is very nice and it’s easy to say it could use some detailing, but I imagine improvement would be difficult without major expense.  It is for the most part a preserved car by the description, but a lot has been replaced -even so, this is the kind of car I prefer -lightly used and well maintained.

Tidy little creature.  Great shut lines and good trim alignment.  Wheels appear to be Borrani’s.

Much better with the top down.  Horizon lines along the body show good transitions between door and body.

Original rubber mats replaced with Wilton wool.  Okay, you got me there.  I’d do that too.  I see a few wires that could have been tucked in a little better -I’m just sayin’…

The red carpets make me think the seats should be red as on a white car. 

Air box looks a bit spotty, as does the steering column and brake fluid bottle and intake ducts and, well, you get the idea.  Underhood blanket appears to be droopy near the hood prop.  For some reason I have no problem with black being painted over.  Why the raw radiator again?

Now’s your chance to buy in big.  Go for it.  They aren’t making them any more.  You know the drill -get the max out of your ATM for the next 150 days and -er, I guess you’d have had to start in February or something.  Why are we allowed such limited access to our money?  Oh yeah, bank run prevention and better control of the ability to tax.  Phew -I thought it had something to do with the fractional interest the banks make off your money!  What’s the interest on a billion dollars over 3 days anyway?  Credit card debt is continuously charged (is that Pe^RT?  can’t remember) but if you calculate it as if it was credit card interest, say 15%, you’d come up with a stupefying number that might buy this car and more like it.


12 thoughts on “Market 433: Spider 10103 171827 auctioned by Gooding & Co

  1. Sorry: What’s that additional gauge? What’s the AR badge doing on the ash tray? Why red carpets on a red car? Where are the openings for the ventilation ducts on the dash cover? Etc etc. Big money? Hm.

    • Ammeter I would assume. I have a small collection of ammeters removed from cars -usually on brackets under the dash mid-dash. This one is just better mounted (or worse if you want to remove it). Red carpets -because it will look better from the seats where the bidders sit. No vent holes? Because the top didn’t come with any and the guy working on it didn’t want to have to buy another top when he f-ed it up trying to make them. Badge on ashtray -at least it’s not on the glove box door! Lot’s of extra badges show up on Giulietta’s for some reason.

      I’m only the messenger…


    • Joost,

      I would write the same post over and over if I thought hard about what I was saying, so I follow a ‘stream of conscious’ approach and follow where it takes me, only going back and making it somewhat digestible for the masses (or lack there of). That little diatribe comes from a few recent experiences:

      Trying to get a reasonable rate of return on my savings -banks give less than a percent these days, and yet the same bank will charge me 15% for a credit card. They lend you my money and keep close to 100% of the profit. I know it’s not actually this simple -but no, it kind of is.

      I wanted to buy something that was about $10,000 on Craigslist. It was a good deal, with lots of parties vying for it. My bank branch was the only place I could go to get that much cash and I have to call them to make sure they have that much on hand, and it was Sunday. I know -I should just have that much cash on hand for just that sort of occasion, but I live in Oakland, home of the burglary and home invasion free-for-all powered by 20 minute police response times to gun shots…

      150 trips to the ATM in my neighborhood is $75,000. I’ve seen two normal Spiders make more, but they were slightly nicer -or more correct.

      It’s my party.


      • Matt, as european its a bit harder to comprehend…. Its a lot easier here in Europe, but that amount of cash could pose also difficult to get hold of, certainly when the atm does not allow more than €1500 per day and bankoffices are almost all closed, bar a fewfor cost reasons….

  2. “Pebble Beach” so romantic… this car is pretty average. I remember a customer car with not as nice a finish (actually needed wax) which was much better and sold for 13k. Well, that was over 20 years ago.

    So odd to think an average car like this would get 75k. Its a 101, not even a Veloce.

    Party on Matt.

    Besides I have moved on to obsessing on Mini Coopers now. Just got my BMIHT certificate “Almond Green , Old English White” trim? Porcelain Green and Dove Grey

    Off to the ATM…

  3. Just a comment on the internal door handles, pointing down on this car. This is WRONG, they should be mounted pointing up. I paid a hefty price for not knowing that : a couple of years ago, I was driving my ’61 Sprint in the Dolomites, between Austria and Italy with a group of friends. At one point, I was “racing” a 300SL Gullwing when we came into a narrow right bend. I pressed my left knee on the door and ….. accidentally opened the door just by pushing the handle forward with that knee. Needless to say, the door and hinge were quite badly damaged (but were luckily later perfectly repaired). I realized since that many cars have their handles mounted in this wrong position. The correct position of the handle is pointing UP, the door being opened by a pull ….

  4. The comment on the door handles is incorrect. I don’t kow about a 300SL but on Alfas the door handles are arranged so that you pull back on them, left or right side, to open the door; push forward to lock . The handles on this car are correct.

    I have a red Spider with red upholstery, which I put on because I don’t like black upholstery, and because World Upholstery had a kit on sale. I also have red door cards. Black is the original interior with a red car and I think it actually does look better than red.

  5. My seats are black too thanks to World Upholstery. I do wish they had the red beading however, but even that was not standard. However they sure are comfortable and a pleasure to sit on when driving , and that is what matters !. By the way Matt, if you move to the flatlands from the Oakland Hills then you have to accept the gunshots (and more likely, the fireworks from the “A”s games when they win !).
    P.S. I’m still waiting for that bottle of wine !

    • Graham,

      I don’t think I have your phone number. Drop me a line and I’ll swing by with a nice chilled Spanish Rose some afternoon -just say the when.


  6. Hi I have a 1965 101 spider in the uk and the correct trim inside as made by Alfa Romeo, is red car with red carpet on the tunnel and rocker tops with black seats and black rubber mats very much like this car but without the red carpet in the footwells

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