Monterey auction results

I missed out of the Monterey weekend festivities again -oh well.  I heard a few Giulietta results come back from the auctions, but am still waiting to hear a few.  Anyone care to comment on some?

I heard from the second to last bidder that the Market 436 lightweight Sprint Veloce sold for $275,000.  Is this accurate?  What was the sale price total with fees?

How did Market 434’s Sophia do at Bonham’s?

I heard Market 433 Spider went for $38,000.

Weren’t there a few SS’s too?


8 thoughts on “Monterey auction results

  1. The lightweight at R&S sold for around $310,000 with the commission. After speaking with Tony, the restorer, it appears the car had no holes filled in for bumpers. The seats are period from a Ferrari barchetta. The wire wheels are stamped 61. The resto co. is well known having started in Hollywood,CA 30 yrs. ago before moving to Ventura.

    The 57 MIlle claim is thought to be right though i haven’t seen convincing evidence personally.

    I bid but dropped out way south of the final bid.


  2. Regarding the record setting “Ultra light” there is allot to like, but I tend to think allot to dismiss as well. I had a 166MM Barchetta and have seen half of the ones built and those seats are entirely different (very nice, just different). I do not see why there would never have been bumper holes; cars were built (production) and then modified for racing. The wheels are five years newer than the car so couldn’t have run in period with them. I have followed this car since Pebble in ’05 and have yet to see a shred of evidence that it ever ran the Mille Miglia or that is was the 11th place car (other than Dr. E saying so). Notions that the filter canister was discarded by Conrero seem merely convenient as I’ve seen others so tuned with them (they are just hard to get now). Also 140hp, The sellers assertion that it is one of a hundred is also a bit lost on me as the records seem to indicate over 250 in 1956 and over 300 in 1957 for a total of just over 600. Then again this is the rare “Ultra light” though I have still yet to hear how that is distinguished from a regular Alleggerita. It is beautifully finished, much nicer than the day it was built, and allot closer to the way it should be than my car. I just don’t represent it as correct.

  3. It has come to my attention that Gooding made some changes to their price list. The Giulietta Spider is now listed as being sold at $41,800 which would be the $38,000 hammer price that Matt listed in his original post.

  4. The SS (with all the chromed parts in the engine compartment) at RM sold for 138k. I saw the car in person – a good driver but definitely no show car.

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