Glas 1700 GT: BMW 1600GT rebuild rabbit hole

Whenever I need a little reminder that it can be done I go to this site and look for a little inspiration.  A BMW 1600GT rebuild in .be with little to no narration, but very eloquent pictures and elegant solutions.  Especially helpful is the fact that I have a very similar car that I will be going through some of this stuff with in the near future.  Don’t follow the link unless you have some time to spend looking over some good work.

Update on my Glas 1700 GT?  It’s headed to a shop for some body work next week, the engine is nearly together and about 30 pieces of the car have been powder coated, so it is moving forward…

The Sprint Speciale of BMW’s?  Well, Franco wasn’t involved and realistically it’s a badge engineered Glas GT making it a Frua, and therefore magically Italian, and numbers are low -but low enough to be serious money one day I can’t say.


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