Market 62: Restored Giulia SS 380024 (still) on the block

Update 8/13/12: Still available.  Description says it was restored from bare metal by Carrozzeria Touring.  Price is now “upon request”.  Maybe a good car to bring to the US and try and sell at auction for a profit?

Update 2/13/09: This car is now listed on Anamera at 59000 Euro’s.  They have included a statement that the engine is an 00121.

Oops:  I confused this car with another.  This one was not (to my knowledge) restored by a German and didn’t benefit from a parts car that was sold for 50 Euro’s.  Sorry.

Original post 11/24/08: Giulia Sprint Speciale 10121*380024, 00121*00128.  This car is available now out of Italy from Luzzago.  Car was restored by a German Gentleman who is said to have had a parts car that he sold for 50 Euro’s when the project was done!

The condition of this car is very good  and Luzzago has several mid-restoration pictures to assure you that things were done right where the body is concerned.

giulia20160020ss20196420azzurra2000220wBumpers fit very well in this picture, as does the hood and headlight rings.  I like the blue but it might be a little better if it had a little less baby in it.

giulia20160020ss20196420azzurra2000320wWire wheels are kind of interesting but don’t do much for me.  That body is amazingly straight and clean.

giulia20160020ss20196420azzurra2000720wThe bumpers fit very well and look how nicely the edge of the trunk lid maintains the line around the cam tail.  Too often this is not the case, even on very expensive cars.

giulia20160020ss20196420azzurra2001220w1At least with the wires you can fully appreciate the big finned drum brakes.  Those Firestone radials look pretty tough.

giulia20160020ss20196420azzurra2002720wThe trunk is just right, not too detailed but clean and with everything strapped down.  I wonder what shape the little hatch at the back edge is in?

giulia20160020ss20196420azzurra2002020wWhat can I say, it’s clean, it’s well put together and of high quality, but it is WAY to busy for my taste with three shades of blue, black, off white and silver/chrome.  This car would look GREAT with a red interior.

giulia20160020ss20196420azzurra2003020wExpenive air box and plenum are missing but it is so clean and well prepared looking in here I can live without it.

giulia20ss20196420azzurra20restauro20003My favorite restoration picture, looks like a Sci-Fi space craft in this orientation. 

No price is stated on their website but this looks like a pretty high quality restoration, so I think 50,000 Euros is probably not far from the mark of what the seller is looking to get.  As for buyers the color combination interior to exterior and the wire wheels may turn some people off, but I could see some rich old guy surprising his wife with this car as a gift.


3 thoughts on “Market 62: Restored Giulia SS 380024 (still) on the block

  1. I like that color, but combined with the interior that is a lot of powder! It would look amazing with a red or gray/dark-blue or something. This is picking nits tho – nice car…

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