Market 437: Sprint Veloce Alleggerita 750 E 03819

Giulietta Sprint Veloce ‘Alleggerita’ 750 E 1493*03819, 1315*30348. This 1957 Sprint Veloce is available now out of Italy. It is a good comparison with yesterdays lightweight Veloce, especially in the interior -would be a great comparison if I knew how much they were asking.  They made about 600 lightweights if my vin/body number math is sound.  Not horrifically rare as far as rare Italian cars goes, but these being very potent machines in their hey-day, frequently vanquishing their own class and placing very high outright in races against competitors with 2 or 3 times the displacement, and being constructed from lots of impossible to find special parts, they have all the cache one could want in a 50 year old Italian car.  Oh -and they are beautiful and easy to drive -even among modern traffic.

Hood fits very well.  I like the extra lights -looks like 1 fog and 1 spot.  Marchal’s?  Bumper, eyebrow trims and headlights all look like aluminum to me.  Nice car.

Interesting little marker light on the fender.  I wonder if all the windows (except the windshield) are the original plexi?  Wheels are common Fergat’s.  Door is perfectly fit.

Curvy yes, but done with restraint, avoiding unnecessary embellishment, and proportionally perfect.  I wonder how different one of these is from a Normal to drive.

Pretty good trunk.  I assume these had Battaini jacks, tool rolls and spare clamps -would like to see them here if so.  Original Cinturato?

Great patina here.  Nothing has been cleaned up or refinished to the extent that it stands out from the rest.  Stuff could and should be detailed a bit, but overall it wears the years well.  

A lot like the engine compartment.  Perfectly aged and clean.  I would get rid of the mismatched carpets that replace the original rubber mats here in favor of said mats, but the threadbare carpet is great!  Lightweights are supposedly fitted with different from Normal seats.  I think Greig is the expert on those.  Look now the line of the dash top is continued up the A pillar.

I’d love to see one of these door panels deconstructed.  Is it all masonite or did they employ some aluminum?  Anyone have pictures from when they used an original worn out set to make new ones or did a study to replicate them?  Stuart -you must have gone through this.  Sliding window is pretty neat.  If you need these, you are making them yourself (or paying someone else to do it).

One would be tempted to replace or at least ‘paint’ the yellowing headliner, but it looks kind of cool since it’s not full of holes or losing its stitches.  I like the vertical strips of aluminum to protect the vinyl from the edges of suitcases.

Hmm.  These screw heads are all aligned too.  Maybe it was a Bertone thing.  Proper build plate with proper stamping?  I think so.

The next question is: did this car ever do anything??  To look at it I’d say no -the four tires appear to be original Cinturato’s.  The original carpet is threadbare yet presentable.  The engine compartment shows some maintenance but looks how it should if it followed a trajectory of light decay and accumulation of dust since new.

Why is this an important question?  Some of the value of a purpose built race car is what was done with it.  Miglia Mille, Targa Florio and other events with evocative names presence on the cars dossier tend to add %’s to the cars sale price.  But then again, this car could be just the clean slate someone is looking for to go out and make some history in.  Any TV producers in the readership?  I have some good ideas what to do with a car like this.


5 thoughts on “Market 437: Sprint Veloce Alleggerita 750 E 03819

  1. What a beautiful car! Not race modified or overly restored, but in nice original condition with great patina. One can dream …

  2. By the way … do you know what that black thing to the left of the glove compartment is? (Mounted on a chrome tube/wire from under the dashboard.) Just curious.

  3. Drooling for sure, what a nice one. The screw heads are not perfect, all slightly different, but maybe its the camera angle? I think I’d still go for the TZ-1. In my dreams anyway.

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