Market 435: Spider Veloce 750F 04191 NLA

Giulietta Spider Veloce 750F 1495*04191. This car was on eBay for about 30 hours before being pulled and declared No Longer Available.  Someone with a spare Veloce block must have made an unrefuseable offer.  I guess we will have to keep waiting to see what a 750 Veloce goes for without a Veloce engine…  Will the new owner please step forward!

A fine looking example, without much to be done.  I like them like this -no worry driving them around.  Hood spear gone?  165 series tires?

Texas black plate!  Trunk lid fits very well.  Door has a good shut line.  No aspect of this car is out of character with the rest of it.  Just a decent looking original-ish car.  What kind of wheels are these George?

This would clean up to be very nice.  Needs a pedal box cover.  Tri-gauge is all out of sorts yellowing-wise compared tot he other two. 

Sarah Palin would call this the plenum to nowhere.  Just jam an old sock over the end of it and away you go…  Is it just me and my tired just-fed-Rufus at 7am eyes or is that a really big radiator hose.  I see an unoriginal white wire -hopefully the Bringatrailer comment chorus doesn’t spot it.

This is a valuable picture and nit just because of the almighty F.  Now you know the paint in the engine compartment is not very well done, with over-spray on stuff and that stuff is missing -like the absent duct here.


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