Market 432: SS 10120 00392 ‘no longer for sale’

Giulietta Sprint Speciale 10120*00392This car is currently listed on eBay out of Haverhill, MA and sits at $45,000.  A note has been added at the end of the auction that it’s no longer available.  Must have received an offer too good to pass up, while being spooked by the presence of a nicer Giulia SS on eBay at the same time.

The car itself is rough around the edges, but needs mostly light cosmetics and some missing original parts sourced to be taken to the next level.  What level is that you ask?  Nice driver maybe…

There is a gray spot on the roof with a corresponding exit wound in the headliner.  They do look sweet without bumpers.  Looks very nice!

Current crappy repop taillights or Carello originals?  Bears inspection.  I have a stash of perfect Carello lenses.  Still looks good.  Lower seam of Kamm tail is ragged on these.  Really needs the bumper or finishing.

Bubbling like this is usually the result of poor paint prep.

A little paint loss and a rubber plug and no rubber bump stop for the hood and what looks like an incorrect wiper arm.

Spider seats in a scrappy interior.  Lots of fun to be had redoing all this.  SS seats have gotten quite scarce with all the efforts being made to put ‘gentleman racers’ like this back to $tock.

1750?  How do you get overspray on the strike plate base but not the spring?  Yeah, but why not clean both off…  Not horrible, but far from the goal post.

Every few months I will be writing a post like this and think about how 5 or 6 ‘new’ SS’s have come out of the woodwork and been added to the list.  We must be somewhere around 300 survivors now.




4 thoughts on “Market 432: SS 10120 00392 ‘no longer for sale’

    • Most Alfa’s in US sold after their made date by a few years, and a lot of guys still state the year of their car is the year on the title. I would guess it’s a 61 sold in 63.


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