Market 315: Vent window Giulietta SS 10120 177061

Update 7/22/12: Available now from Motor Classic and Competition Corp. Interesting that this car has failed to find a home with so much demand for SS’s right now.

Update 4/2/12: Guess who’s available again? This SS. It’s now on the East Coast now, listed on Hemmings, and with a new fun asking price of $129,500.  Does this herald the arrival of market malaise?  Are we approaching a correction?  How many SS’s at greater than $100K can the market support?  Survivor-ship is high for a limited production car -probably approaching 15% documented on this site alone.  Costs more than this?

Update 9/13/11: Again.  I wonder how much they’ve spent on eBay auctions??  My advise to the seller – a change of venue after a few months pass.  Maybe Amelia Island.  Ebay is alright for 3 year old ipods and disassembled Sprints but a seriously nice SS?  Time to move up into the major leagues.  But what do I know.

Update 9/1/11: “We have made deals on this car twice on eBay now, only to have the buyer renege on his contract due to financial issues without seeing the car in person. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE FINANCIAL ABILITY TO PURCHASE THE CAR before bidding, and especially before having us mail you sales documents and pull all of our advertising. If you are financing or running the car through a leasing company, make sure you are pre-approved. Each time this happens we lose other interested parties who ARE able to purchase the car. Thank you for your consideration.”  That explains it.  Rich guys drunk eBaying.

Update 8/26/11:  As predicted, this car is on eBay again -this time with new improved pictures and lengthy description attached below.  This is a great car, it’s just not going to go for Gooding money on eBay.

I know that bridge -about 15 minutes before you get to Big Sur when headed south on 1.

“Offered for sale is a beautiful 1961 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Speciale with its original numbers matching engine, lustrous Rosso Red paint, exceptional mechanicals and a rust-free undercarriage and body. This stunning example of the progressively designed and entirely unique SS is as exhilarating to drive as it is to look at. Completely distinctive, Bertone’s aerodynamic design borrowed heavily from their BAT concepts of the early and mid 1950s. Its timelessly sleek lines and relatively small production run (1,366 Giulietta SS’s were sold by Alfa Romeo) have made the Sprint Speciale a collector favorite, with values appreciating dramatically of late.

The preeminent gathering of vintage and classic car aficionados in the world, Concours week at Pebble Beach is made all the more special when you can drive between events in a head-turning car. Coupled with the fact that the drive from Santa Barbara along Highway 1 offers some of the most spectacular vistas in the world meant that we couldn’t resist taking the SS up to Carmel for some spirited driving. It turned out to be an excellent decision, as the car was a joy to drive up through Big Sur, routinely passing other broken-down and overheating classics that were trying to make the same trek north. Once in Carmel, the car never ceased to get attention and was even requested for participation in the North American Mille Miglia event in October. And in a veritable sea of Ferraris, Gullwings and Jaguar XKs, perhaps the best part of having the SS for the weekend was that it was entirely unique; we didn’t see a single other Sprint Speciale on the road. We did, however, see one cross the auction block at Gooding and Company on Saturday night. An identical year model that was completely unrestored, that car hammered at a whopping $190,000.00 (before premiums), blowing away Gooding’s own record for an SS of $154,000 at Amelia Island earlier this year. If these current results don’t indicate that classic Alfa Romeos (and especially Sprint Speciales) are on a rapid appreciation curve, then I don’t know what does. Our exceptionally presentable, mechanically fantastic example will be offered at a much more accessible price, providing an excellent opportunity for the classic car enthusiast and investor.

Beautifully prepared in factory Rosso Red paint over a black leather interior with red piping, the finish exhibits astonishing depth and luster. All gaps fit as they should and the car is straight and free of rust. The paint shows only the most insignificant of blemishes, each too minor to appear in any of the pictures and none of which detract from the car’s integrity and overall condition. The bright work on the car is gorgeous, complimenting the Rosso finish beautifully. The interior is equally as spectacular. The black leather seats are in excellent shape, the dash and door panels are wonderful and the carpets and headliner are excellent as well – the interior was clearly refurbished by an upholsterer who knew what he was doing, following the correct patterns with premium materials. The trunk is excellent condition, free of rust, housing a flawless spare tire and covered by a correct rubber mat. I am happy to go into more detail and specifics on the car’s condition with any interested buyer over the phone or in person, but rest assured that the car presents beautifully.

Having personally just put 200+ miles on the car along Highway 1 without any issues to report, I can confidently relay that the car’s mechanicals are superb. Always firing right up when cold and maintaining a consistent idle, the 1300 engine provides ample power and has excellent compression throughout each cylinder. The car pulls strongly and smoothly through each gear without grinding or hesitation and it handles beautifully, providing a visceral yet comfortable driving experience, whether winding though the canyons or on the open highway. As the pictures show, the car’s undercarriage is free of rust or any sloppy patchwork. Any Alfa enthusiast knows that they have a terrible reputation for corrosion, but this car is dry and correct. You’ll not be let down by this wonderful example, one that certainly deserves a mention in the annals of Italian sports car history. Please bid accordingly.”

Update 7/2/11: No sale at $62,100 and on eBay again.  This car has entered the no-mans-land on eBay where each following auction brings a little less as buyer fatigue sets in.  Alas.

Update 6/27/11:  Back on eBay.  Surprise?

Update 6/21/11: Sold after 7 bids for $85,000.  We’ll see if it sticks.  Probably will do the Monterey weekend this year in RM or somesuch and go for $115,000.

Update 6/15/11: Heard from a friend of the Sacramento guy and this is almost positively the same car, as he owned it about 6 months.  He bought it out of a classic car dealership/broker near Kansas City MO who brought it over from Belgium.  A little provenance for the next owner. 

Sacramento car:  Same engine pic as Market 3 car for sure…

So far so good.

Same engine…

Other side.

Maybe Sacramento car is the same??  I was told it was long time owner…

Giulietta SS.  This car is on eBay right now and at $85,000 is already showing strong money!  If I have my facts straight this car came out of the Sacramento area and sold via the AlfaBB a few months ago.  I got an email from a friend of the long time owner and have some pictures of it somewhere.  I guess I could have made some money if I could have come up with the $$$.

Looks great with the optional vent windows and fog lights.  One of the first SS’s I wrote about (Market 3!!) had this same set up.  Amazing what a serious round of polishing will do for a car.

I bet this is either a blue or black plate car.  Trunk fit is great.  Is it the Germans who used the extra brake light like this back then?

Nice detail shot with Marchal.

Nice, tidy and well loved interior.  Rear view mirror is probably not original -at least the glass and surround part. 

Same knob as a 2600 Sprint for the vent window? 

Brake booster is an interesting addition.  It’s not bad under the hood but could be cleaned up quite a bit.

Anyone catch a vin number for this car?Guess


18 thoughts on “Market 315: Vent window Giulietta SS 10120 177061

  1. Matt, this looks like the same car from your writeup #3. Even the kink in the airfilter hose + the brake booster. Are you sure this is the one from Sacramento?

  2. I also think it’s the same car. Compare the interior shots. Both driver’s seats have the same double wrinkle just right of center and a diagonal crease to left of center near the front. The wrinkles on the passenger seats are very similar as well. In the engine bay, besides the air filter hose, both have remnants of red paint on the Alfa script on the cam cover. Also, the brake lines in front and behind the booster are in the same place.

    It’s gotta be the same car!

    • Have a look at the usual vendors -you should be able to find some Hella’s or Marchals new. Carello’s may be a little harder. You have to drill holes in your bumper…

  3. Hello classic Alfa Romeo enthusiasts,
    I sold this Giulietta Sprint Speciale in 2008 to a customer in the USA.
    The car’s chassis n° is: AR 177061
    This Sprint Speciale resided many, many years in Belgium.
    All the best from Belgium,
    Bernard Marreyt
    Marreyt Classics bvba.

  4. The GR website shows it “sold” at $88,000. They do have some nice cars and present them well. Looks like this one traded hands among a few dealers before landing in private hands again?

  5. That car has shiny paint – but has lots (LOTS) of detail issues. I am not sure what is going on as the steering system enters the engine compartment (brake booster??). The cars in the 120K+ range are much more correct, and this would take a lot to bring it up into the 150k range.

  6. Please keep in mind that Alfa, Ferrari, and Porsche are not all players of the same audiences. Also, keep in mind that these are altogether very different cars in every respect with a unique appeal that does not necessarily moving in tandem price wise. For the average buyer, the price of ownership is a relevant factor when choosing one model versus the other.

    • I was making a very general statement about lifting ones head up and looking around at what is available and that Ferrari was the first thing I found that was close in price and neat. I have often mentioned how cheap Giulietta’s are to run -no need for anything more complicated really, but I doubt a guy who buys a $129,500 SS or $119,500 on that Ferrari is going to use either of them enough for cost of ownership to become an issue.


  7. In an odd coincidence, I owned and finished restoring a 1968 365 GT 2+2 between 2000 and 2009 (s/n 11199). I loved it, but it was not a sports car; it is a big grand tourer, built for blasting down the autostrada at 120mph. The torque from the 4.4 liter v-12 is ridiculous. I probably put close to 10,000 miles on it. I did not rebuild the motor; it had great compression and no smoke during my entire ownership, but i always had the fleeting thought everytime I got in it “is this the day I drop a valve/spin a main bearing/etc?” Because even if you do your own work, an engine overhaul is going to set you back at least $15k. I sold the Ferrari to finance my Giulia SS project. They’re both great cars in very different ways.

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