Market 424: restored 1965 SS in Toronto

Update 8/12/12: Not surprisingly it failed to meet reserve and sell. It’s probably a nicer car than can be told from the pictures, but only better pictures will tell.

Update 7/21/12: Giulia Sprint Speciale 10121*380813, 00121*00914. As expected this car has turned up on eBay with slightly more comprehensive pictures and vin numbers. I’m sure there are excited emails and phone calls going on right now between Drivers Source/Classic Invest and probably other ‘opportunity spotters’ and the seller as I type. Car looks good. Better pictures are required.

Giulia Sprint Speciale. This car is on Craigslist right now out of Toronto.  There is no real information about the car other than the pictures where it looks pretty good.  Appraised at over $100K?  I guess that’s where to start the negotiation.

Nothing to complain about here.  Bosphorus blue?  Dutch blue?  Hood fits great.  Is that a 128 and a Yugo in the back ground?  I think so…  Good to know this car has been in austere company.  Grill doesn’t look right.

Looks nice from this angle too.  Dash appears to be off.  Don’t tires do this powdery brown thing when they get old?

A spaceship in a suburban driveway.  How nice. 



10 thoughts on “Market 424: restored 1965 SS in Toronto

  1. Cragislist? Would love to see more about this car, but the seller has done itself no favors by marketing the car this way. I have experienced the brown tire phenomena, 10 years ago which was the last time I ever used Amor-all on a tire; it attracts dust/dirt like crazy.

  2. Whats the reason of the high-price offers in Canada and USA ? in Germany the listing for “good” SS-Types is about 50.000 Euros, for “excellent” up to 65.000 – Is there anyone to explain ?

    • I have wondered the same thing – and I am glad that I bought mine three years ago. I believe that the sale of two particular cars got this price phenomena going in the North America market. The dark blue/red Giulietta SS that sold at the RM Amelia Island auction for $190k (my memory), and the ex-Briggs Cunningham SS that was shown in the preservation class at Pebble Beach and then subsequently auctioned ($145k I think) were the catalysts. These were high-profile auctions, and the SS appearing at Pebble I think caught the eye of a certain strata of collectors who have driven subsequent pricing. Just my opinion . . .

  3. The briggs Cunninham car sold at Gooding for $198,500 needing paint ect… but very low mileage. The blue car sold for $165k and RM sold the Low Nose Aloy car at Monaco for $200k. My friend just sold his Giulia SS for $180k privately in 3 days. These long time undervalued SS’s are finally where they should be (in my humble opinion) they are following the trend of Porsche Speedster adn Ferrari Dino’s UP UP UP and great ones are alway hard to find.

    • thanks for correcting my shooting-from-the-hip sales numbers, Sam. I agree that these faulous, curvy cars have been undervalued for too long. I hope, though, that this doesn’t drive parts prices thru the roof! On the other hand, if there is more demand, perhaps the manufacturers will start making more SS-specific parts, like stanless exhausts??

      • I am very interested in this blue Giulia SS but could never get there in time to inspect it before the auction closes today. Like you, I wonder what it’s really worth. Those auction prices seem dubious. Prior ownership by Briggs Cunningham alone would raise the value of any car, for one example. And then too there is testimony above that the current price of $75,000 is about right for the current European market. So, what is this car really worth? I was an alfisti once but have lost touch.

      • There are a handful of SS’s for bout $75,000 in Europe right now. I think the current uber-high sales results are mainly guys who want either the provenance of well known previous owner or meticulous restoration of what was a decent car to start, or very very nice original. We’ll see what the two go for at auction in August in Monterey.


  4. I remember seeing this car come up on EBay the first day. There were immediately 10 or 12 bids up to $75,000 then nothing for the next 9 days. Included in the description was a number to call which I did about 3 days before the end. Never heard a word. The whole thing seemed kind of fishy.

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