Market 291: Driver Giulia SS in Texas

Update 7/16/12: This car has appeared for sale on eBay in Europe out of Southern California from a Zero feedback seller. Scam? Hmmm.

Update 3/17/11: 75 bids resulted in $62,750.  It’s no joke, game on for SS values!

Update 3/14/11: Bidding has reached  $40,000 and reserve is met with 2 days to go.  The suspense begins!

Giulia SS 10121*381379. This car is on eBay right now out of Texas.  Bidding is at just shy of $30,000 with 4 days left as I write.  This car is truly in ‘how you used to find them’ condition and frankly may be as much as $80,000 away from being a top money car, but for a capable DIY restorer that restoration number could get down to $40,000.  Why do I mention this?  See yesterdays post, which the seller references in their write up, a Giulietta SS sold for $140,000 at the Amelia Island auction.  This is a great place to start, but it still has to be reduced to nuts, bolts and bare metal and built back out to get in the league that car is in.  Then it has to find a buyer… Or it could be let alone, touched up, enjoyed and entered in the preservation class some day.

Looks great from this distance, through the lens of a camera after being hosed down.  Note dent above headlight.  Antennae has to go to.

Shines like new in this picture too.  A lot of people sent me emails notifying me of its current tour of eBay -all very excited to buy!

And she looks good from behind too.  Panel and bright-work fit is excellent.

Looks a lot like the paint quality on my Sprint.  Lots of checking etc.  Unless you are like me and just want to tear it up on the backroads regardless of paint condition, you are going to have to take this car to bare metal.

And trust me, these cars are not easily dis-then-re-assembled.  Hours and hours will be spent.  I don’t mean to be negative- only realistic.

Wood grain sticker is more common than you would think.  Looks good as is, and I’d leave it so -but for paint it all has to come apart.

Engine runs good (they all do).  This is not the place for in depth analysis, but I think some late cars came with these 105 intake items.

Go for it kids!  Be ready to spend $50K though.


5 thoughts on “Market 291: Driver Giulia SS in Texas

  1. This SS had a repaint from white to red in the early 70s so I doubt it would be eligible for the preservation class at a concours event.

  2. This is/was my car. We were extremely suprised with final bid. It sat in a hangar for 30+/- years and then in our garage for 2.5yrs. I’m sad to see it go but glad it going to someone who will restore it and put it back on the road for others to see it, not just my friends who come over to the house. Its a very rare car and not a lot of people have seen one.
    Im glad to have had piece of Alfa history in my hands and actually get to drive it. thanks for all the support and comments on AlfaBB

  3. About that antennae- if you had a radio, that is where the antannae was on these cars. But you could push it all the way down and then use the little two fingered key provided by Bosch to extract it. Congrats to the new owner. You’ll love it.

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