Market 430: Spider Veloce 750F 03454 use or restore

Update 7/21/12: No takers. Ended at $31,000. Reserve was probably closer to $40K.

Giulietta Spider Veloce 750F 1495*03454, 1315*32930 (unsure if original to car).  This car is on eBay right now from a seller who frequently has interesting early Giulietta’s and Giulietta stuff.  It’s a running driving car with a 1600 installed, but comes with a ’58 Veloce engine.  It’s unclear whether it’s the original engine.  Pictures are few, but it looks pretty good.

Looks pretty good.  Hood fit is a bit off.  No bumper over-riders.  Good start or use as is!

Phenomenal door fit.  Wheels are Borrani’s.  Still looks very good.

Nice lines on these cars. Look at the line the rocker trim makes with the bumper corners when it’s all lined up!

Next best thing to a black plate?  At least you can’t fake it.  Trunk fits good.  All the bumpers look really good on this car.

Wrong seats?  Wrong steering wheel!  Something looks off with the gauges.  Tidy and useable though and easily improved.

Wrong in so many ways, but a driver.  Ignore or fix…

I’d love to find this at a yard sale for scrap value!!  Is that a 750 head?

The number.

Problem with this car is it’s still a lot of work to get it back to nice and be worth the $70 – $90K a nearly perfect one fetches.  I know some exceptionale’s have sold for more, but exceptionale’s are hard to do.


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