Market 429: Spider Veloce 10118 390183 at FJ

Giulia Spider Veloce 10118*390183, 00536*20568 (not original). Fantasy Junction has this car listed on eBay right now. The car is in pretty good shape -with some details to sort out. The engine is simultaneously the best thing about the car -having been rebuilt by Conrad Stevenson, and the thing that will always keep this car from being a top of the market car.

Lovely in white as usual.  Hood fit is very good.  Trim all looks great -there’s a little bump in the drivers side leading edge of the bumper.

Wheels look like Heinbrand TZ wheels.  Dent under the rocker?  I like the bullet mirror.  Door fits very well.

Very angular group of letters and numbers.  Few dings in the bumper as well as evenly spaced plugs at either end of the center section.  Duetto style reflectors?

Very very nice -the use of carpet in place of the rubber runners is sensible.  Radio is quaint -I wonder where the speaker is.

Between the door jambs and trunk -I’d say this was a reasonably cared for driver that has been polished up for sale.  Very solid though.

Conrad’s engines are not only very good looking, but they tend to be oil tight and built to a very high performance spec.  There’s a good chance this engine is capable of winning races and/or performing daily duty as needed.

The vin (ellipses)


3 thoughts on “Market 429: Spider Veloce 10118 390183 at FJ

    • There is always a premium applied, but they are realistic when it comes to accepting offers. I can’t think of a Giulietta (or Giulia 101) that has hung around their shop for very long in the last year.


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