Market 415: Giulia Sprint Speciale 381399 -the last one

Update 7/1/12: Imagine that.

Update 6/23/12: Driver’s Source out of Houston, who seems to specialize in buying high and trying to sell even higher, has this SS for sale now for a whopping $198,000. It is, if photo’s be believed, a stunning car, but I’m not sure the world is ready for a Giulia SS at this price point. All prior high sales have been Giulietta’s (anyone??).

Original post 4/20/12: Giulia Sprint Speciale 10121*381399.  Michael has made me aware that Ferrari of Seattle is selling this car right now for $125,000.  A pretty good deal if the last two projects I listed for $60,000 each are really worth that.  Just think, no bodywork, no rust repair, no parts hunting.  Just fly in, write a check, add it to your insurance and drive home.  Oh, and if you’re one of those people who likes ‘interesting’ VIN’s, this is the last SS they made.

Great color!  Everything looks straight and clean in this picture.  Is there anything to the theory that a high-end dealer would risk reputation selling a less than perfect car? Maybe. This will sell immediately I think.

This car really looks clean.  Is said to have been repainted once upon a time and have excellent patina.

Note the trunk and door fit  Still wears it’s amber lenses from when it lived in Switzerland.

Wears Borrani’s.  That’s a pretty big wheel weight.

Nardi is pretty cool, but having the original wheel would be even better since they are very hard to find and a Nardi is a catalog item.  Leather on the seats looks good.

Looks great from this side too.  I wonder if it was originally silver?

81K KM’s are not a lot for an Alfa -nor are 181.

Plenum and air box are ‘regular’ 105 Veloce items, but may have been original on the late cars as I have seen quite a few in the last hundred cars with them.

Here’s your chance Mr. expensive SS buyer who realizes that this is actually a much cheaper car than all the non original or project cars I’ve listed.  And it’s the very last one…


26 thoughts on “Market 415: Giulia Sprint Speciale 381399 -the last one

    • While not correct, I have seen that a few times. Might have been a dealer flourish to try and move the last few lingering SS’s that refused to sell.


  1. This silver on black leather with a little patina is my ideal color combo. For a second I thought about selling my ho-hum black on red SS and paying up the difference but I would hate to be labeled a “Mr expensive SS buyer” so I’ll just keep mine and enjoy it.

  2. “Plenum and air box are ‘regular’ 105 Veloce items, but may have been original on the late cars as I have seen quite a few in the last hundred cars with them.”

    I hadn’t heard this theory, but I would welcome it. My project car (381357 – February 1965) had this 105 plenum and air box when I bought it two years ago. My car was last registered in 1971, so I don’t know that it would have been likely that the correct SS air box/plenum would have been switched for an incorrect 105 plenum when it was only on the road for 6 years, but who knows.

    My air filter canister is also chrome – an old chrome job . . . .


    • Go through the pictures in the SS collection, some of the late cars have the oval plenum exit and airbox entrance. Some are mixed, but that’s another matter :/


  3. WOW! Why is this car still for sale?! seems like a bargain. My source show it is in fact the last chassis no.

    • No Idea why it hasn’t sold. Apparently SS buyers are only interested in crashed or rusted projects for amounts that will leave them underwater when the restoration is complete.


      • “Apparently SS buyers are only interested in crashed or rusted projects for amounts that will leave them underwater when the restoration is complete”

        It’s the healthiest form of masochism! I’m just over here removing undercoating . . .

      • Replace “SS” with “vintage import” and I know all to well!!! I have a rusting fleet (well, except for the Sprint) right now that has grown exponentially the last week. Woe is we.


  4. Well apparently someone saw the big ($) potential here. I just called and the car sold last week for the full asking price.. Too bad I wasn’t fast enough – what a great car.

      • I figured this car was purchased by a dealer. I am going to use the “or best offer” option and make an offer, I’m willing to pay a very healthy profit but not $198k. Any thoughts on a fair “true” value? I see projects selling for $75k and this car has so many qualities, I personally like a 1600 better than a 1300cc and the documentation and 1 owner aspect is awesome. Maybe $160k, $170k, $180k max??? I plan to call them today. I have tracked almost every sale in my hunt and it seems like great cars are selling immediately for $130-180k this car “if as described” does seem like one of the better ones I’ve seen in a long time..

  5. I seriously considered quickly trying to sell my really nice driver level car (380-773 in Matt’s registry here) and pony up the difference to buy this one when it was at the previous dealer. I love the color combination, one owner history, last one made aspect, and over all exceptional example. I like perfect but then I am afraid to use them so although this silver car was a good short or long term investment at $125k it would have taken the fun out of ownership. I can drive mine to town or the grocery store without worries but at originally 2.5 times and now 4 times what I paid last fall for one how can it be that much better. Now this one is in a price level where there are much better cars for that kind of money. Oh, and I definitely prefer the 1600 to the 1300.
    Think I’ll go for a drive………

  6. I find it difficult to believe a dealer would pay retail to another dealer even when his intention is to flip. Even if he did, the mark-up of $73,500.00 to $198,500.00 is exorbitant, and it’s more likely to be in the area of $90.000.00. Shame an Alfisti didn’t buy at the previous asking price, this is just pushing them further out of reach for all but “Mr expensive SS buyer”.

  7. For a record $198k, I would expect perfection, and there are a lot of questionable items on this car. I am relatively new to Alfaworld, but have been neck-deep in a Giulia SS made about 30 cars before this one. Spark plug wires? Wrong fuel lines? Under-hood padding? Body-colored paint on the bottom (removing the undercoating on mine, I am finding about 6″ of original paint overspray inboard from the rockers, all covered w/ the black undercoating). Kudos on the original interior, but the finish is way too shiny. Just my .02.

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