Market 333: SS Project 00486 in Ohio

Update 6/21/12: Didn’t take long for the 50+% dealer tax to be added to this car.  More pictures show it to be complete and needy.  Here it is in Denver.

I definitely don’t like the look of knock-offs. Pretty straight car.

Original post 11/5/11: Giulietta Sprint Speciale 10120*00486, 00120*00949.  Frank pointed me in the direction of this car listed on Hemmings.  Condition is pretty good and it should make for a straight-forward restoration to ‘clean driver’ without going too far under water at the $40,000 asking price.  For a full on restoration it will require just as much work as a car like the disassembled project I listed recently.  Wheels are very rare (on a Giulietta) Borrani wires complete with a spare.  I’m personally not a big fan of the wire wheel look, but many are.

Am I blue?  Yes, but not the right shade.  Looks pretty good as far as derelict SS’s goes.

Paint requires re-doing at some point but could be lived-with while it’s made roadworthy.

1961 Alfa Romeo Sprint Giulietta Sprint Speciale, I am the third owner of this beautiful and special Alfa which is one of about 1300 produced between 1959 and 1962. I do not know how many are available, as mine has knock-Borrone wire wheels. It has been stored in my garage since 1976.

The bodywork by Bertone, has the number AR10120*00486* and the engine block NO AR00120*00949*. The body is straight, no known accidents, and is constructed of steel, except for the aluminum hood. The two dual throat Weber  40DCOE carburetors are origional, as is the cast aluminum airbox. Four Borrone 60 spoke wire wheels are mounted on the car (size 15X4/2k, Record RW3344). The spare is a similar 60 spoke Borrone.The bug deflector is in good condition, and a radio antenna is installed (no radio). The glass is in good shape except for a small rock chip in the front window. The interior is in good to fair condition and all the gauges are in place.

Prior to purchasing the Alfa in 1973, it was painted and the front bumper and side lights were removed along with the rear chrome spears. The original tool kit and jack were not with the car.

I stopped driving the car to complete the restoration. Although parts were available for repair, the work is incomplete and will need to be finished.

Note the following:

– A rust hole just rear of the driver’s door.

– The drive gears in both window lifts need to be restore (verified by removing the driver’s side window and lift mechanism). All parts were retained.

– The engine valves and valve guides were replaced, a suspension spring, and the propeller shaft flexible coupling and the oil pan were replaced.

Terms of sale:

The car is sold “as is”. No warranty is implied.

Accepted payment is banb cashier””s check

$40,000 “

More blue.  Is this Bluette or Tornado blue that’s showing up funky because of the lighting?  Looks better here.  Door panels look original and I bet the original seat covers are under these blue ones.

I think this is original too.  Note the luggage strap loops and hooks.

Paint on the dash looks great as do the detail bits.

That rusty looking stuff is glue.  Gauges and steering wheel look great.

The blue script glimpsed through the opening to the cabin is original coach builder writing on the back of an interior piece.  Trunk looks pretty solid from what little can be seen here.

This all looks really healthy too.  Notice the engine compartment is painted black per original.

There you have it, yet another undocumented SS in good condition coming out of the woodwork.


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