Series 2 Lancia Appia joins the circus

Some cars you pursue, some pursue you.  Some need engine work, others bodywork, and still others both and everything in between.  This car?  Just needs some easy stuff…  How did it come to pass?  I was in the right place at the right time and rolled with it.  A few days later I purchased this series 2 Appia.  It needs an engine swap -comes with the new unit even, but needs little else.  Check it out.

Heard about it on Monday.  Bought it on Tuesday.  It’s kind of a metallic gray-green.

The body is all original with one original color respray.  Chrome is all original and basically perfect.  Glass is excellent.  Tires are a few years old but have less than 100 miles on them.  Vignale Spider cousin in the background.

These remind me of a little Mercedes 190B.  Same Lucas tail light lenses as a 750 Giulietta Spider/Sprint.  Nice license plate.  As you can see the rear seat top is a bit ‘tore’ up.

Interior is all original wool and the drivers seat has some wear.  Dash looks amazing.  Rubber mat’s are clean.

Door panel has some nice patina.  Oil change sticker on the door jamb is from the late 1960’s at 44,000 miles.  Car now has about 59,000.

Little engine that could, except it’s frozen.  Not sure why, but I tried the old 4th gear rock and no movee.

The replacement unit.  Came out of the parts car the car comes with.  Turns over!

A little elbow grease and some nose oil and this thing looks great.  This is after I pulled the frozen engine out.  Cool grill on these!

I’m excited to cruise this thing!

The parts car.  Not sure I can kill it.  Doesn’t need “much”.

Where am I now?  New engine is in, parts to hook it up are in the trunk and a $180 tow bill stands between it and Jaan’s lift where it will be made whole.  Soon.  Lot’s else going on, but soon…



16 thoughts on “Series 2 Lancia Appia joins the circus

  1. Hi Matt, nice to see it coming out of the “closet”. These really are little jewels. Hope to see it
    at Concorso or the Melee. Please join the ALC, you already have the grill badge……….

  2. I like the Black plate on the parts car, maybe transfer it to the driver. Otherwise you can make a black “Appia” plate.

  3. I loved that car,I have had a green one in the sixties in Belgium buyed for an equivalent of 100 euros at this time…abandonned a two years later because failure of clutch and no money to repare,the lucas taillights are not original in europe,it was carello’s,greetings;martin (p.s. I have now a giulietta spider,my child’s dream)

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