Market 423: Fresh 1959 Spider 10103

Update 7/1/12: This car has been on eBay a few times. Despite it’s detail problems it looks like a decent car -I’m not sure why it’s not selling. Maybe the addition of the VIN/Engine numbers so people know exactly what they are bidding on and new/better pictures would help overcome the auction fatigue.

Giulietta Spider 10103. This car is on eBay right now out of Pennsylvania. It is described as having a fresh restoration, and there is evidence of that having occurring, but some details leave the prospective buyer wondering how much the restorer knew about these cars. Most are trivial, but restored is restored right? I have a HUGE piece I’ve been working on about restorations… getting about time I published it!

It is what it is, it looks good.  The door gaps on this side are excellent.  The hood corner on the drivers side sits up a bit.  I have to remind myself these are VERY complicated cars to put together if you don’t spend a lot of time doing research, and no one wants to pay you to do research.

Not trusting the public to figure out what it is, the intrepid owner decides to add a badge from another model.  (Buzzer sound) wrong -next.  These are the 750 Lucas lights making this a pre ’60 unless, like a few guys on the 750/101 group right now, they couldn’t find the interim tail lights -it’s an interim rear bumper after all.  Trunk lid fits very very well.

Two of the last two Giulietta’s I’ve worked on had a form of this gear shift boot faux pas.  Really -you thought that is how it is supposed to be -like a toilet plunger gathering the nice leather up!  What did you reckon the nice little draw string thingy was for?  Oh yeah, only certain types pay for restorers to do research.  Yellow gauges, crack in steering wheel rim.  Nice despite than these. 

That must be a .5 lb cap if they are getting much talk between the Gatorade bottle and radiator.  I must be the only one who has never had any trouble with their Giulietta cooling.  Wires are not tasteful.  Head is a 105 or late 101 1300 item.  Weber is a good addition, but the filters look crap.  Denso alternator is cool.  No rubber surrounds or clamps on the air inlet ducts?  I could go on, and George probably will in a comment.  I bet it works though, and a little thoughtfulness would have this greatly improved.

You know in Catcher in the Rye when Holden is describing how pitiful it is that his professor can’t throw his newpaper like 2 inches and get it onto his bedside table?  This is as pitiful an attempt as that at trying to take a picture of the underside of a car.  This car is described as being “Undor coated with Fiberglass” -fiberglass has nothing to do with Giulietta’s of any stripe, and this picture is offered as if to explain?  Maybe the photographer had new pants on -I’m sure it was worth a pair of $40 dockers to not get on your knees and take a decent picture of what most Giulietta buyers consider the most important part of the car.  Sorry -just tired of poorly executed eBay forays.  

Okay okay -yes, it looks good, it wouldn’t take much to make it nice, but you gentle reader have not bid enthusiastically on this car like you have on some other rough around the edges examples offered recently and why is that?  Yeah, and no vin is dumb too.  What, am I going to drum up some fake previous ownership docs in the next couple of days and some how get them through the glacial departments’ of motor vehicles that dot our landscape trying our patience causing me to think this is a formerly great land?  Yeah right.


2 thoughts on “Market 423: Fresh 1959 Spider 10103

  1. I like the new honesty. No more gently stepping around the facts and being very automotively correct. Is this a new Matt?

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