Market #1: White Giulia SS project

Update 5/31/12: Now on Craigslist.  Look at the pictures at the bottom of this write up. Looks like the same car to me. I wonder what you would receive if you sent them $25K?

Update 9/20/10: A Giulia SS was listed on Craigslist this morning for $30,000 with pictures of this car.  A scam?  Borrowed pictures?  I’m sure it will be answered before long…

5/20/09 Update: SOLD after 377 days! A guy I spoke to on the phone about this car last month, giving advise etc, has taken the plunge and bought this car.  I told him exactly what I have been saying about this car all along, it’s probably a good car that everyone interested in an SS is tired of seeing for sale (you only get one shot at a good eBay auction).  The selling price was around $45K and he seems very happy with the purchase.  Look for it to be present at shows and events in Southern California.  If anyone knows a good place to get keys made in Southern California post a comment as he needs to get door, trunk and glove box keys made.

I bet the seller of this SS would be happy if one of you kind readers would buy his 1965 Flavia Sport Zagato that is currently on Craigslist for $26,000 or trade.

3/31/09 Update: I think it will be a while before another car is featured here so many times. This car is on eBay again and this time it can be bought NOW for $47,500. Lets see if my ‘auction fatigue’ theory holds true. Now is your chance, you know you want it. I’ll offer the correct gauges to the new owner at 10% off.

3/18/09 Update: This car is now all repainted and spiffied up. Check it out on eBay now. $56,000 asking is big money but the car is pretty nice now.

low-frontVery nice work. The shut lines look good and the trim is all as it should be. Seller says he got it all ‘triple chromed’.

side-lowThe improvement is amazing. I went back and forth with the seller once in a while and he complained alot about the expense and time it took to fix the rust in the doors.

rt-backI wish I had the cash to buy this car, would save me a lot of work!

engineEngine compartment looks good. Not perfect but honest and presentable. I would drive this car…

gaugesI like the crazy Italian rubber mats. I offered the seller a set of correct gauges I have but he is holding off and I am still trying to come up with a price.

Ebay auction description verbatim: “You obviously know what you’re looking at so I will spare you the history and specs. If you are searching for an alternative to the stock market then you have found it. The S/S is THE rapidly appreciating landmark of erotic Italian automotive design. Due to it’s diminishing numbers and milestone status, I believe an investment made today will result in rapid financial reward in the short term. Do the research and you will find that a total rust bucket shell will cost $25K. plus years of tracking down expensive mismatched parts. This car is original, complete, restored and right here in California; and won’t cost you hefty commissions, shipping, import duties and taxes. All one needs to do is follow the cost of a Dino 246gt in the last 5 years to know what I am talking about.

I have owned this car for 3 years. It was barn stored in Northern California and hadn’t run since 1983. Sometime in 1996 the car changed hands and was titled but never driven. It is an original CA blue plate probably imported sometime in the early 1970’s. A two year mechanical and cosmetic restoration was just completed. It is all numbers matching. It is NOT a trailer queen and is priced to reflect it. If you want a rotisserie restoration then start looking in Europe and expect to spend another $30K. The car and engine compartment were striped to bare metal and shot with a two stage (stock Bianco Spino) paint. Rust in both door bottoms and left rear quarter panel was repaired with fresh metal as well as a small hole in the pan under the driver’s mat. 80% of the chrome was triple plated and is show quality. Wheels were powder coated. Engine and transmission were completely rebuilt by Santo’s shop in Northridge. It also received new brakes, cylinders, radiator, gas tank, clutch, rebuilt carbs, generator, tires, hubcaps, exhaust system etc. Interior is mostly original and shows a nice patina. I have driven the car approximately 20 miles so the head will need re-torquing after the break in period. Stock rebuild other than polished crank. Santo estimates around 130HP. Wiring is original. No suspension or rear end work was done because the car didn’t need it. The S/S drives and handles remarkably well.

Current condition: Left gauge cluster was functioning but is not now, may be fuse. Also same for wiper motor which was replaced at Santo’s. Windshield has some minor wiper marks which can be polished out. Both door glass felt tracks need replacement. Glove box lock is from a 2600 and will require some adjustment to close properly. Brakes and carbs need re-adjustment having sat in the body shop for over a year. Carpet is original and disintegrating but is covered by stock mats. Small hole in passenger seat. Buyer has the option of having Santo dial in the car prior to shipment and have George the upholsterer next door fix the hole and replace carpet. Whatever they do is at your expense but the wiper motor is covered by warranty.

You can make any offer within reason. Offers expire after 2 days so I urge you to counteroffer as much as is necessary if you want to own this beauty. It will be sold to the highest offer at the end of 10 days. My car is advertised locally and I reserve the right to end this auction early. I will answer all questions honestly and to the best of my ability. Any additional photos will be quickly provided and/or posted for serious buyers. Car can be examined anytime during the auction period at my home one hour North of Los Angeles. Unfortunately no joy rides. Title is clear and not in my name. This is an AS-IS sale. Buyer must immediately (within 5 hours) pay $500. non-refundable Paypal deposit with balance due within FIVE days of auction’s end with BANK CHECK or DIRECT WIRE DEPOSIT, no exceptions or auction is VOID. I can store car up to two weeks but will need to move it to paid storage at new owner’s expense thereafter. I will assist in transportation and/or shipping domestic and abroad. All related costs are buyer’s responsibility.

vin #AR*381259 eng #00121*01267”

5/16/08: On eBay again, starting bid $34,000. If this gets below $30,000 I might have to get serious about it.

5/10/08: This car ends again on ebay tomorrow after 3 listings. Current starting bid $36,000. Seller obviously hasn’t spent much time coaxing bids out of ebay buyers. I’d start at $99 and let the bidding commence. By the time it hit $10,000 it would have 20 bidders and everyone would feel good about it. Right now, with a $38,000 opening bid after 3 failed auctions I doubt anyone would bid. I guess I’m waiting to see where this goes. I think this is a $25 – 30,000 car that the owner has more than that in.

Giulia Sprint Speciale AR10121-381259, engine number 00121-381267. On ebay ending 5/3/08. An early blue plate California car cosmetically in ‘ready to restore’ condition but having a drive-train rebuilt by the very reputable Santo’s Italian car service in Southern California. Car has been on for $40,000 asking. Ebay bidding starts at $38,000. I think this car sold via Hemmings motor news in 2006 for about $15,000. Looking at the rust coming through the door bottom and bubbling around the fender openings one has to assume the worst. I’ve seen very clean SS’s go in for accident repair and fairly major rust discovered that was invisible until the body was cut into. The seller claims the rust is local to the doors and a small spot in the floor and this is no doubt a true statement from the ‘outside looking in’ perspective but one has to assume there will be more rust repair following a labor intensive tear down and followed by paint and a pains-taking reassembly. This is a car that is borderline cost prohibitive to restore at this entry price unless you can and want to do it yourself.

This is one of those internet pictures you have to really try hard to not be deceived by. The combination of a white car, low resolution and slight over exposure makes this car look like a wax and go special. I’ve taken digital pictures to sell cars on ebay and it’s hard NOT to have this kind of result. Digital pictures seem to default to a ‘rose colored glasses’ effect.

Not so wax and go when you get a little closer.

Rust like this becomes invisible in a picture like the first one. The door corner is the gopher hole you can see, now imagine the trails you and the seller can’t.

Again, this car looks fantastic in the picture above.

Note the trunk dents and corner crunch that are nearly invisible in the picture of the whole back.

The Giulia SS dash is a little more plush than the Giulietta SS dash and it looks to share components with the 2600 Sprint and 101 bodied Giulia Sprint from 62 – 65. Likely a cost cutting measure rather than a design upgrade. Sweet Italian rubber mats just like my wife has in her 72 Fiat 124 sedan special.


2 thoughts on “Market #1: White Giulia SS project

  1. The car in question is now undergoing a complete cosmetic restoration. All chrome was removed and is being repaired and triple plated. Body was striped of all paint, rust areas in question were cut out and new metal welded in place. Car will be repainted stock Alfa Albino Spino. New tires, wheels powdercoated, undercarriage detailing and exhaust. Will be offered soon at around $60K,
    about $20K undermarket.

  2. Hi Matt,

    I saw that this morning as well and thought that the photos looked very similar to MY Giulia! So I emailed him asking to schedule a time to see it. Never got a reply.


    P.S. I’m still enjoying my SS and drive it regularly on weekends through canyons and by the coast.

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