Ercole Marelli -who knew!

I have this box of stuff to sell for a guy.  It’s mostly Marelli bits, mostly NEW stuff and mostly got me scratching my head.  Giulietta Veloce style round top regulators, but with arc shaped mounts to be bolted directly to the generator, or tall mounts or even very much like the ones I’m used to, but still slightly different.  Big ignition switches with 1950’s German style ‘keys’.  Toggles, pull switches etc. I google key word combo’s like ‘Marelli Aurelia’, ‘Marelli Ferrari 250’, ‘Marelli Fiat 1100’ -you get the idea, and nothing much helpful comes up.  What did come up is this Flickr set: Archivio Ercole Marelli, which led to it’s creator Fondazione ISEC.

It’s other worldly really.  Size, complexity, that sense of distant future pastNo wonder the good cars got Marelli!  I wasted a lot of time on this photo collection and am doubly impressed by the Italians. 

No detail left unperfected.  Reminds me of the stylish ‘Fiat’ bathroom stalls at the golf club in Arnold Ca.  If you’re going to do it…

From the 60’s Marelli set.  Is that a soldering iron?

Oooh – Aaah.  Those shades of purple and blue polyester never looked so fresh.

Crossing the line between tube stereo lust, Italian cool lust, Magneti and Marelli  lust, and, well, acquisitive lust.  This is the distant future.  This is the distant past.  One can imagine one of the currently idolized prophets of ancient why-the-heck-does-anyone-care-nowadays scripture sneaking a listen -perhaps an omnipotent future pointing peek at Ravel or Chopin to get away from all the lost masses and their militantly weird misunderstandings of ‘be cool unto one another’.

Somehow when I close my eyes (and happen to be thinking about it) this is how I picture the control room for a Telemundo soap.  A team of specialists removing mustache hairs from the keybeds nightly.  Estad quietos mi corazon.  (is that ‘be still my heart’?  google translate can be a fickle thing.) 

When you tire of electrical current generation machines the size of train cars, you can check out the Breda archives.  The dabbled in really big stuff too. 



6 thoughts on “Ercole Marelli -who knew!

  1. This reminds me of my Alfa Veloce, it never had anything but Lucas on it when i had it since the guy I got it from had switched it to Lucas (aka prince of darkness). Any chance you will be taking pictures of the different systems on these cars?

  2. Matt,
    Re; the Marelli guy behind the ferrari gp car,
    Yes, it is a USA Weller soldering pistol with an extra tip taped to its upper edge.

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