Market 420: 1600 Spider Veloce red/black/red 10118*390692

Update 7/1/12: This car did pretty well, selling for very close to the initial BiN price.  Anyone here the new owner??

Alfa Giulia 1600 Spider Veloce 10118*390692, 00121*02141. This car is on eBay right now from a seller who has brought us a few really good Veloce projects over the last few months. Car has had one owner, and an ill-advised repaint in red, but other than that looks to have been a fairly well cared for and respected member of the family.  Seller is correct that a repaint in black would do wonders for this car.  Unless there are hidden rabbit holes, the $48,500 buy it now seems only a tad high.

Car looks great.  Those mirrors in that location are sort of like a bull-ring in the nose of an otherwise pretty girl, or an invitation for Godzilla to step on it.  Door shut lines are very good.  Note to self -take pictures of a red car on lush green grass.

What do you do with an antennae like that?  This side looks great too.  I bet there are 65 Alfa vanity plates in every state that does vanity plates.

Wow!  Really nice.  Gauges are nice and clean.  Steering wheel looks fantastic.  I wouldn’t change a thing.  Is the rear view adjusted to look down the passengers blouse?

Just right.  I’d come up with a plan to retain the patina yet seal the surface rust.  Them’s flares clipped up like bullets in the upper left corner of the picture.

Further evidence that late 101 Veloce’s got the 105 style non-tapered intake manifold?  Looks like it did way back then.  Nicely left alone.  Aren’t these narrow blade ‘Euro’ fans supposed to be good for a HP or two?

Positive ID.

In the grand pecking order of 750/101 cars, these are of fairly limited production (at just over 1000), have great drive-ability (disk brakes, 5 speed, plenty of power etc, basically a convertible Giulia Super) and alluring looks. I could see the great over-washed embracing these in a big way -I know I hope to!


12 thoughts on “Market 420: 1600 Spider Veloce red/black/red 10118*390692

      • Matt,
        I live approx. 30 minutes away from Daniel Rapley and will take look at the Spider Veloce for anyone interested. I have no connection to the seller but do own a 1965 Giulia Spider Veloce you featured on your informative site a few years ago.

      • Hi Ascarinot,

        I would actually be interested in having your views on this car as I live far from it and would welcome your views in order to see if embarking on a several hours flight to New York and then driving for a couple of hours is really worth it !

        However, let me contact the seller first to make sure I am really interested in the car so you do not waste your time going there ;-)


      • Zen,

        You’ve got some PPI customers… I get $200 – 300 per depending on how much research I have to do.


  1. Matt – I am new to your site and have been reading your comments now with great interest for several months. What are the correct outside mirrors for this car? As shown here, is that consider standard or period correct? Thanks, Mark

    • I would call these period correct, but not really in the best taste. If you look through my flickr archive for late Spider’s you’ll see that it’s a mixed bag out there where mirrors are concerned -both type and placement.

      Thanks for reading!


      • Matt – thank you for your response.

        I would like to speak with “Ascarinot”, one of your commentators above. Is there a way to share contact info with him and communicate outside this forum? Thank you in advance. My email is

        Regards, Mark

  2. Ascarinot
    Hi there. I would be highly interested if you could check it out very theroughly with respect to accident damage / repair and corrosion damage / repair. Or if you could recommend to me an expert who has the detail knowledge of the Giulia Spider.
    Thank you and cheers, Juerg

  3. Mirrors on these were installed by the dealer, so mirror brand as well as placement were subject to what the dealer specified.

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