Market 419: 1750 powered 101 Sprint 23176 at Coys

Update 5/19/12: Some of you may have noticed this car didn’t go through the auction.  The seller contacted me to let me know he pulled it due to what he described as a lack of enthusiasm for the car and a desire to not give it away.  It is available for 43,000 Euro’s (about $55,000) out of Munich Germany.  Check out the pictures linked to by the vin number below.  It’s a great looking car.  If you’d like to contact the owner drop me a line at sprints @

Giulietta Sprint 10102 1493*23176This car is being auctioned by Coys on May 12th in Monaco.  Car looks amazing and, though not entirely original, is tastefully done.  I like the body color, it looks pretty close to what I think of when I say Bluette, and the interior color also, though not an original option, suits the body color.  I’m not a fan of the body color on the wheels -adds a cartoonish aspect to it, but repainting wheels is among the easiest tasks.  I like that they tout the condition of the trunk yet fail to provide a picture.  Maybe they need a continuity editor…

Shut lines are great, trim looks wonderful and the car has a capable poise -no doubt matched by the 1750!  I’m trying to like those wheels -honest!  Is that rear view mirror positioned correctly?  I always thought the wide part went to the outside.

It’s tough to get all the little bits on the car correctly and someone did it with this car.  I’m working on fabricating fasteners to attach the rocker trims to a car I’m working on.  Time consuming work.  This could be yours!

This car is pretty early for this style plate frame and bumper lights.  Could be a South Africa thing?    As good from this angle as any other.

This interior is pretty close to the powder gray a Bluette car would have had.  Two tone seats with contrasting piping?  Not for me.  I see rally clocks, an extinguisher and a receiver for a modern seatbelt.

I’m working on one of these installations.  Tidy as far as 1750 transplants goes.  I would rather see some black or green plug wires.  Someone should come up with a 1750/2000 dual Weber plenum/air box combo for Sprints that reminds of the early Veloce set up.  Very nice!  What’s that attached to the cable by the brake fluid reservoir?

37,000 – 45,000 Euro’s seems about right to me.


5 thoughts on “Market 419: 1750 powered 101 Sprint 23176 at Coys

  1. Yes it is the sensor for a “retrotrip” type meter. Similar to this one :

    The way to install this is to remove the speedo cable wire from its sleeve. Cut the sleeve and remove about 1″. Insert the sensor between the two pieces and re-insert the cable in its sleeve. The sensor has a sort of rubber hub and now rotates with the cable and sends the appropriate impulses to the Retrotrip. The procedure to calibrate is very simple. Works very very well. I have one and you easily get a 100 Yds accuracy on 10 miles.

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