La V Coppa Sant Ambroeus

Maurizo sends me a note: “I put this interesting video on YouTube.”  That’s an understatement -this is like the first time I saw the Shell Coup Des Alps video -except a little more lingering on the cars here.  Wow.  How many stills from this film or photographs have I seen from this day 54-ish years ago!

Post a comment with your favorite moment below.


5 thoughts on “La V Coppa Sant Ambroeus

  1. Drivers in suits and ties. Plus the woman. The era of a gentleman’s sport. . . . The sprints, of course.

  2. I love all the leaning cars! Suits and dresses for sure, watching the winning driver quickly jump out of his drivers suit and into a tie to receive flowers! I used to race a Fiat 600, so loud but all grins to drive (slow). With the 600 you had to keep on the gas all the way through the corner and hang on for dear life, any cutting of power during the corner would cause the car to spin.

  3. Amazing to see such a great period piece with ties and winning ladies with great Italian machines doing what they were made to do.

    • Someday this site will be like that movie… a thing of the past authored by a guy who has moved on to other things.

      Take video’s people! We’re in the age of information immortality.

      Who knows, if medical science is dependent on Moore’s law ( I think aspects of it are) then maybe we’ll be wishing we recorded more in our youth many years from now.

      It amazes me how many people don’t see the symphony that surrounds


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